Amazon Studios unveil 14 pilot episodes

Amazon Studios have unveiled 14 TV pilots which will be available on Lovefilm in the UK and Germany, and on Amazon Instant Video in the US. Viewers will help decide which of 14 online TV pilots will continue to be made into a full series.

The 14 comedies and kids’ series projects that have been produced as episodes split into Comedy and Kids shows:

Comedy Shows

Alpha House, Betas, Browsers, Dark Minions, Onion News Empire, Supanatural, Those Who Can’t and Zombieland

Kids shows

Annebots, Creative Galaxy, Positively Ozitively, Sara Solves It, Teeny Tiny Dogs and Tumbleaf.

Amazon Studios free with Amazon Prime

Whilst anyone can watch the pilot episodes for free, the completed series will be available for no extra charge to subscribers of Amazon Prime.

Fans of the shows will doubtless not want to miss an episode and whilst that has no immediate ecommerce benefit getting new subscribers signed up to Amazon Prime will. Prime members tend to buy six to eight times as frequently as non-Prime Amazon customers and Amazon Studios is just another way of tying their customers into the Amazon family.

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