Are you selling Internationally on eBay?

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bringing everything you need to know about listing on overseas eBay sites into one place.

The site covers everything from the basics of qualification to be allowed to list internationally, how to list internationally, international selling fees including discounts and special reduced fees, postage and fulfillment and managing the challenges of international selling, such as language, laws and regulations.

There’s a ton of information on the site so if you’re not sure how best to start selling to Europe or further afield it’s the ideal place to get started. Half an hour reading could save a lot of mistakes and money.

Get free insertion fees on international eBay sites

Don’t forget if you’re serious about selling internationally on eBay, an Anchor Shop gives you access to free insertion fees on all eBay European sites and eBay Australia as well as reduced fees on (make sure you , you’ll need to have or open an Anchor Shop and be a Top Rated Seller to see the opt in option).

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  1. A recent email inviting me to upgrade my shop to Anchor would seem to say that substantial free listings will also be available on .com:

    ‘From May, eBay Top-rated sellers with an Anchor Shop subscription can list the first 2,500 fixed price listings (30-day and Good ‘Til Cancelled) each month on at no additional cost as well’

  2. Has anyone heard anything more about the tracked international shipping ebay is supposed to be offering as I registered my interest via the link that was on here a while back and have heard nothing since?

  3. I bet their video doesn’t point out you get no FVF discount on any overseas sales.

    Check this page:

    …on Becoming a TRS. Note the yellow box.

    And yet on the seller dashboard page for USA, it proudly states I am TRS in USA and the table below shows all my listings qualified, re. uploaded tracking, returns, etc. However, the table at the bottom of the page which shows which listings qualify for TRS FVF discount just contains big fat zeros.

    I took this up with eBay CS and they confirmed this is indeed the case. I asked what the point of that table is as it can only ever contain zeros, and they agreed it is misleading.

    It’s time they sorted this out and removed that table as it gives the impression you could qualify (i.e. if you did something different) but the truth is that you can’t.

    No wonder they are encouraging sellers to sell overseas – it means they don’t have to discount the fees on those sales.

    If sellers are considering expanding their horizons in this way, I suggest they consider the ‘no discount on FVF’ situation before doing so.

  4. There is always a benefit for ebay in anything they promote as being “good” for sellers.

    What about when the new TRS 15% “free shipping” discount comes in. Any international sales final value fee discount then?


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