eBay email warranty offer to electronics buyers

eBay appear to have started pushing SquareTrade warranties a little harder – at least it’s the first time in my ten plus years on eBay that I’ve had an email offering to sell me a warranty on anything that I’ve purchased.

A few days ago I took the decision to buy a new laptop. My old one which I bought from Dabs on a daily deal back in March last year now needs reformatting to get rid of all the junk it’s accumulated over the past year.

This time I bought a Fujitsu AH512 15.6″ Intel Pentium 2.2GHz Sandybridge Laptop (again from Dabs) and took a risk as it’s running Windows 8. It’s not my first Windows 8 device and I’m starting to get used to the new operating system although I much prefer Windows 7 (in truth I much prefer Windows XP!)

The laptop purchased on Tuesday still hasn’t arrived, it was on a 2-3 day delivery so should arrive today or tomorrow. That hasn’t stopped eBay sending me an email offering a warranty however.

There’s a two year warranty for £39.99 which seems pretty reasonable, or you can add accidental damage and the price almost doubles to £71.99. I don’t think I’ll be taking up either option on the grounds that the laptop comes with a 1 year collect & return warranty direct with Fujitsu and I generally replace laptops once a year anyway.

Would you buy a SquareTrade warranty though? If you’re the sort who has accidents with their electronics (or more likely have kids who are careless!) it might be worthwhile. For me though the cost to replace is now so low and laptop specs so high that it’s really not worth the trouble. I’m not scared I’ll break the laptop, it’s more likely the software will get corrupted and it’s data loss I worry about, not hardware failure.

However if you are after a good deal on a laptop then the . That’s what Tamebay will be written on for the rest of 2013.

If you’re willing to spend just £20 more then you can get the same , although for an office laptop I couldn’t justify the extra couple of quid.

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