Sunday Spectacular coming back to eBay UK

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eBay Spectacular Weekend hmeBay UK will be holding a “” flash sale next weekend on the 12th – 14th April, as people return to work, school and college after the Easter half term break. With hopefully some warmer weather on the way, it’s not a bad time to encourage buyers to log onto eBay.

You may remember the hugely “Sunday Spectacular” deals in the run up to Christmas. These were massively successful when they ended many buyers were watching the site asking when eBay UK would be running more. With prices up to 70% off some of the best deals were selling out, literally in minutes. The eBay Spectacular Weekends is the same program but expanded over two days, so it will be interesting to see what format changes eBay introduce and if buyers are ready to spend as rapidly as there were in the run up to Christmas.

Marketing for the is already kicking in with a YouTube video to promote the event.

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  1. Hey can i buy your house 70% off ?

    how about your car 70% does it come with full service history.

    Hey ebay can i buy ebay towers ??? 70% off,

    Id like to buy some eBay shares, can i have 70% off ?

    Hey how about 70% off my listings, Or even 70% off 1 listing? Hey its about 10p but lead by example, rather than make fun of others.

    eBay are a joke and amazon generates far more quality sales, for quality products that cant be sold for stupidly low prices.

    How about ebay gives some discount before expecting others too.

    Theyve even stopped sending people a mug or whatever once in a while.

    eBay and the people who seem to grace the site annoy me and deeps discounts nearly always mean rubbish products.

    The trick is to under promise and over deliver. Wheras ebay like most of sellers on the site over promise and a 3 months latter the items broken.

  2. The attempt at a viral video is poor. Whilst the guy does his job well, gently with good humor.

    ebay need to stop marketing themselves as some fairly magical princess land, where they have magical abilities to achieve out of this world pricing.

    The truth is it costs quite a lot of money to sell on ebay including all fees and good quality products cost alot of money to make and margins are tight for everyone all round.

    Why dont ebay lead by example and give us all 70% off 1 listing, only about 10p. But they wont. Cause they too tight themselves.

  3. I think I would be more worried by the growth in my own eBay business than the growth in the worlds largest online marketplace anyway to be honest.

    But if eBay are spending billions on marketing in one way or another as part of my listing fee to bring buyers to the site to buy, then that’s good isn’t it? Be worse if they did nothing I suppose.

  4. Does anyone at Tamebay know how one can apply to offer products next time there is such a promotion?


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