Test Drive: Free eBay Bulk Listings Conversions

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We’ve had a lot of interest on the Inventory to eBay File Exchange and TurboLister solutions, and there’s now a free test drive available if you want to give the service a try before you buy.

Test Drive: Trial & Free eBay Bulk Listings Conversions (Turbo Lister and Multi Variations)

The Test drive allows you to take Inventory to eBay for a spin without the requirements for complicated setups, software downloads, systems configurations or scheduling.

TestDrive UploadA purpose built, fully automated testing platform provides free evaluation for two of the most popular Inventory to eBay solutions (Multi Variations for File Exchange and TurboLister). It allows you to experience an automated system working from end-to-end with a view of how their product listings will look after transformations.

The benefit to you is, not only from seeing sample product data being transformed, but the creation of your own bulk listings for free.

Access to Test Drive is via email, providing an easy way for ‘sending’ and ‘receiving’ files.

Test Drive’s unique design allows for:

• Automatic Setup of User Accounts from Recipients Email Addresses
• Security Policies Associated with User Account
• Creation of processing rules for Bulk Listing Conversions
• Automatic Email Routing for Delivery

Benefits of Test Drive

Test Drive CompleteDemonstration of an automated transformation approach to bulk listing conversion including:
• Free Trial Service for eBay Bulk Listings
• Automated Processing directly from Email
• Automatic Account Setup
• Using Sample Files or Creation of Own Bulk Listings
• Files ready for import into File Exchange or Turbo Lister
• Automatically created Multi Variation Matrix’s for Bulk Listings (File Exchange)
• Custom XML Base64 for Shipping and Postage Costs (Turbo Lister)
• Reduced Processing Time for Bulk Listings Creation
• 24/7, On-Demand Access with No Scheduling requirements

Who is it suitable for?

The types of users who will benefit from trialling an automated approach to creating bulk product listings for eBay, will include but not limited to:
1) General Seller wanting to expand their volume of listings
2) Manufactures/ Wholesalers who want to Sell Directly on eBay in Volume
3) Seller with Specific Multi Variation Requirements
4) Sellers listing whole Product Catalogues
5) Drop Shippers with Multiple Suppliers and Multiple Product Catalogues
6) Drop Shipping Providers wanting to offer eBay compliant Catalogue files to Resellers

Inventory to eBay solutions differ from generic product feeds for eBay; acting as a true automation solution and incorporating marketplace business rules, allowing for accurate manipulation of data to fit eBay’s requirements. Test Drive is a fully automated end-to-end solution, requiring no human interaction and is provided at no cost to users.

How to trial Inventory to eBay

To see how Inventory to eBay can streamline your existing Bulk Listing process and create free bulk listings, please email [email protected] with the subject line “Test Drive” requesting your Test Drive pack for either “Multi Variations” or “TurboLister” or visit https://www.transforming-data.com/test-drive-inventory-to-ebay start automating your Bulk Products listings conversions today!

One Response

  1. Using Some software like “Turbo Lister” does help towards saving time on listing products.

    Additionally, if you need bulk revising listings imply sync your data and start revising in bulk.

    The good bit is, it is very easy to use.

    Thanks Chris for bringing this out again.



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