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Bubbles hmWe all know that marketing is expensive. So an opportunity to lower the cost by sharing the expense is always going to be welcome, especially if the contribution brings about a net gain with nothing to lose.

Joint Marketing Campaign

Which is exactly the proposition being put forward by Bubbles when introducing their Joint Marketing Campaign. When Bubbles launched they promised some innovative marketing campaigns including a collaborative campaign with retailers and now they’re about to deliver.

What’s the deal?

From 21st May lookupbubbles.com, the marketplace developed to give retailers a fair deal, is launching its marketing support programme. With contributions paid to retailers who include the Bubbles brand, the fund is being made available against approved campaigns which promote one or more of a retailers’ products (or their Bubbles shop) as listed on lookupbubbles.com.

Cash not credits

Payments will be made direct and not drawn against credits since Bubbles is currently providing retailers with a 6 months free trial.

What marketing is included?

Retail clients who engage, or have future plans, in any of the the following promotional activities: classified ads, display ads, radio and or TV spots; are eligible for consideration.

It’s also worth noting that the marketing doesn’t have to be exclusively Bubbles, a retailer can of course include their own webstore but the amount awarded will depend on the level of exposure given to lookupbubbles.com to include but not limited to the various forms of exclusivity, prominence and site / brand identity, the site’s URL, together with a campaign’s overall cost and market reach.

How to get financial help with marketing campaigns

Retailers who are interested in listing with lookupbubbles.com and or already list and want to take advantage of this opportunity should email Stephanie Pickerill, Bubbles Marketing Manager.

3 Responses

  1. Didn’t eBay used to offer something like this early on? I know they quit a long time ago but I seem to remember they would pay something like 50% of your ad bill in certain situations.


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