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SellerExpressEarlier this week I had the opportunity to get a look at SellerExpress multi-channel management software. Having seen many multi-channel management back ends I was pleasantly surprised at how quick it can be set up and how user friendly it is for a non-technical person.

Many multi-channel software packages take days if not weeks to get set up and running. Not so with SellerExpress and there’s also no steep learning curve. Once you’ve set up a free 15 day trial account you can link SellerExpress to your eBay account and download your current listings. This can take around 45 minutes depending how many listings you have live and you’re then ready to start tweaking the software and setting up things like your invoice templates.

SellerExpress ChannelsFree Support, even for a trial

Two things surprised me about Seller Express, one is that they give free support from the get go to help you get started.

This isn’t just a bit of technical advice either, if for instance you find that you’ve got eBay listings with one custom label and an identical listing on Amazon with a different SKU then the guys at Seller Express will merge them for you. They’ll help take care of any of the tricky bits getting you ready to sell faster than if you had to do absolutely everything yourself.

How easy is it to use?

The second thing that surprised me was just how much the software reminds me of eBay’s TurboLister. Some of the solutions out there that I’ve seen quite frankly scare me, they have so many options and so many variables hidden on a different page here, or a different setting there, that it’s too easy to make a mistake. Not so with SellerExpress, if you can use TurboLister than you can use SellerExpress .

Of course it is more complicated than TurboLister, it has to be because it supports Amazon and as well as eBay. There’s a lot to make it simple though, for instance Profiles enable you to set attributes such as shipping options and then link multiple listings to the profile to save repeatedly adding the same information. Then on each product there are marketplace options where you can set eBay or Amazon specific details.

Managing your listings

Listing templates are easy if you wish to use them. SellerExpress holds the template separately to the actual text of the description and applies them on the fly as you list. Of course any listings you download from eBay won’t have your template separated from your description, but for new listings all you’ll have to do is type your description and then set your template with up to four tags to pull the description into your template.

Multi-variation listings are handled by holding each variation as a separate product within SellerExpress . Rather than a Parent Child relationship they act as ghost parents linked together with a Variation profile. If there’s one downside to SellerExpress it’s that listing a multi-variation listing with 100 variations involves creating 100 products in SellerExpress. Whilst the guys at SellerExpress working on making this easier, in the mean time the easiest solution is to list your multi-variation listings directly on eBay and then importing them into SellerExpress to manage them.

Repricing Tool

It’s worth noting that SellerExpress has a repricing tool for Amazon (that also works with already built in. If you want to tweak your prices to make sure you’re winning orders but without selling a penny lower than you absolutely have to then SellerExpress has it covered. SellerExpress has really strong Amazon integration and it’s most definitely not an added extra second to eBay.

Free Trial

If you’d like to try SellerExpress they have a free 15 day trial so that you can test the software. You can play with the software to become accustomed to it before putting changes live to your eBay account (linking your account won’t put any changes live until you’re ready to go). Most important of all is that SellerExpress are ready and willing to provide support and make sure the solution is configured to your specific requirements.


SellerExpress is priced to start at £50 for one user on one marketplace and rises with addition features in £75, £150 or £300 tranches. There are no commissions on sales, just a flat monthly fee and with a free managed setup to all trial users, you can get your inventory listed super fast, your marketplace accounts integrated your pricing rules established and start selling.



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