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Seller DynamicsSeller Dynamics’ clients can now sell on Rakuten’s knowing that every item they stock is matched against its competitors and dynamically repriced 24/7, keeping their products at the top of listing pages on Rakuten’s

Existing and new clients of Seller Dynamics are now able to reap the benefits of a feature which reprices items both upwards and downwards multiple times a day, regardless of how many stock-keeping units are listed.

With some other repricing software only moving marketplace listed prices downwards, with any upward reset only taking place overnight, Steve Boland of Seller Dynamics believes that their 24/7 dynamic repricing feature offers a new dimension to sellers on Rakuten’s

Steve Boland of Seller Dynamics explains “Even if prices are set at pennies lower than competitor prices, this could make the difference in closing a sale, while automatic upwards repricing to sit just below the nearest competitor ensures our clients will always be earning the maximum possible margin from their sales”.

Seller Dynamics’ system also takes into account exchange rates and reprices the same item independently in either Pounds Sterling or Euros.

Stirling based Seller Dynamics enables retailers to list their entire product portfolio on Amazon, eBay,, and, while simplifying their overall business management through Seller Dynamics’ inventory management and dynamic price management tools.

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  1. On Play.Com the prices tend to be very close anyway. What is noticeably different about play, compared to say Ebay, is the feedback scores between merchants seem to vary wildly.

  2. Has anyone here got any experience with seller dynamics? They sound like an interesting company and I’m thinking of using their services

  3. How would this work if say two traders with very similar product lines were to be both customers of Seller Dynamics? Would the programmes just keep repricing each traders stock downwards? First one and then the other and then back to the first again until the prices were effectively pennies?


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