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Bofffer hmSerial entrepreneur and BBC Online Dragon Shaf Rasul and Karl Baxter who is the managing director of Wholesale Clearance, winners of the Tamebay Ecommerce Cup, have now teamed up to reinvent the daily deals site Boffer as a wholesale daily deal site and discussion forum to help eBay and Amazon traders.

Shaf who is also setting up the wholesale market place eStock, which goes live at the end of this month, was originally an investor in Boffer and acquired 100% of the shareholding from the previous owners. Shaf has teamed up with Karl, to run the new venture. If you don’t know what Boffer is, it was the original daily deals site which came into existence prior to Groupon and even eBay’s own daily deals.

Boffer was the site which brought you the USB FORNICATION OPTIMSER, the BAG OF CRAP, Boffer sell offs and more zany products. Karl said ‘Shaf and I have wanted to work together on a project for some time and we were waiting for the right opportunity to work together. When Shaf mentioned to me he had the opportunity to take control of Boffer, I told him to jump on it. We have decided to reinvent Boffer as an online wholesaler rather than retailer. Boffer will now be a deal a day site for eBay, Amazon and other market traders to source wholesale stock.’

Boffer will now supply high quality stock for low prices to professional sellers to resell for a profit through various online and offline channels. Initially this will be in the format of a daily deal i.e. one product or job lot per day. Boffer is selling stock on behalf of receivers, administrators and finance companies, so the stock must sell. Every daily deal will have a buy it now price or you are welcome to make an offer as well.

iPad BofferYesterday’s Boffer

Example: yesterday’s Boffer, which sold out in 15 minutes, was job lots of 20 iPads for £3700. If you decide that they are only worth £500.00 then you could make an offer for that amount. If the job lot does not sell for the buy it now price, Boffer may well get in touch to accept your offer of £500.00.

Karl also mentioned one of the things they would like to do with Boffer is to build up the online community. They plan to have a buy, sell and trade section, where wholesalers can list products much the same as a classified site. They have also got an ‘Experts’ forum where industry experts can give advice to members on a range of subjects from finance to marketing.

Karl and Shaf were quite coy about whether the infamous bag of crap would be back on the site. Karl said ‘ Now that we’re a wholesale site, it may have to be a pallet of crap or container of crap we sell now’

HenburyToday’s offer 11.59am Henbury Blouses 32p

We have managed to twist Boffers arm and find out what today’s deal is and its apparently Henbury Ladies blouses for 32p each. From a quick bit of research on eBay similar products seem to be selling for around £12.99. Not a bad ROI if you sell that sort of thing.

Boffer deals go live at 11.59am each morning so don’t forget to visit Boffer today. If the prices are like this on eStock its defiantly worth a look.

You can also sign up for eStock, remember to enter “Tamebay” in the reference box to ensure you get an invite.

4 Responses

  1. Quite possibly a “scam”, site goes down for emergency maintenance at 11.58 each day, all sold out by 12.05 when the site comes back. suspicious to say the least. (no, its not a DOS or overload of the servers)
    I would be very interested to see some proof that these deals are genuine and going to genuine customers.

  2. I’m not sure what this site is really about either.
    Can’t see how one deal a day for traders can sustain a business model for very long.
    If you need trade stock then there are several wholesale sites available 24/7.
    Suspect this is simply a vehicle to drive traffic to the site for onward manipulation.
    However if the ‘megabots’ start up again that could be worth a play.
    Also keep your eyes peeled for a ‘pallet of crap’ offer anytime soon.

  3. What a con this site is!

    Very first deal – iPad 3’s at £185 each, an attractive deal, but sadly not available. I wonder why!

    Subsequent deals have been for what one would expect from a site trading in unsold/excess/unwanted, poor quality stock.

    524 Henbury Ladies Blouses
    2800 Transparent A4 ring binders
    100 Pairs of Ladies Shoes
    100 Drawstring Navy England Backpacks


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