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May 2013 showed online sales growth by 11% during the month, “To some extent retailers had their bacon saved by online sales,” said David McCorquodale, head of retail at KPMG. By using a skilful mix of deals and discounts, and social media promotions to reward loyal customers or discounts; May’s respectable growth shows that customers are responding well and continue to favour online shopping.

With summer finally here eSellerPro have a line up of free training seminars with their new partners to take advantage of the online ecommerce opportunity.

High Quality Images Equal More Sales

Remove The BackgroundAre you aware of the importance of high quality images in ecommerce, the effect that they can have on conversion, and the challenges that you face in getting this right? Are you aware of the enforcement of image guidelines by Amazon; the new picture rules that will come into force by the 1st of July on, and by Autumn on eBay UK and the likelihood that this will spread to other marketplaces over the next 12 months?

Find out how you can prepare for these changes – join the Remove the Background Webinar on the 4th July at 11:00am GMT.

New eSellerPro ION eBay Toolbox intends to spark new ideas on increasing sales opportunities

eSellerPro FeatThere are many applications on the web that can analyse your eBay sales performance but very few that can analyse the weaknesses within your eBay data quality.

With ION eBay Toolbox you can identify weaknesses, track data distribution, set data quality goals and you can even track performance of sales based on improved data quality.

Let ION eBay Toolbox put you in the right direction and save hours of time cleaning your data! Join eSellerPro’s ION webinar on the 9th July at 11:00am GMT

Break the mould with the new www.

BubblesBubbles is a new service that is breaking the mould on the traditional relationship between retailer and online marketplace. Bubbles significantly lowers the cost for retailers to sell, improving margins, returning profits back to the retailer.

The core of the Bubbles proposition is an entirely new and evolutionary service that will see your products promoted, matched and purchased throughout the day, quite literally around the clock, meeting the needs, wants and desires of buyers and not only when a person goes online. Whether on or offline, via Bubbles the consumer can now buy your products – whenever, wherever and on whatever device. They call it the new ‘www’.

Register now for eSellerPro’s Break the mould with the new www. Webinar on Tuesday 2nd July, 11:00am, all participants will receive Bubbles giveaways.

Expanding your Multi-Channel Sales Opportunity with is eSellerPro’s newest marketplace partner, yet they work very differently to a traditional marketplace – they do not list products. Each buying journey begins with a user telling Flubit the exact product they want to buy. In return, the user receives a private ‘offer’ from an integrated Flubit merchant which beats the price they found.

An effective way of selling (32% of offers convert to orders) and understandably addictive: 57% of customers return to buy again. The cost of selling on Flubit is incredibly low – there are no monthly or fixed channel fees and with exciting growth plans and impressive technologies, Flubit are a fascinating new sales channel for multichannel etailers.

Join this webinar to find out how you can take advantage of the new Flubit marketplace on the 10th July, 11:00am GMT.

Keep up with competitors with Amazon Re-pricer tool

eSellerPro FeatBuild confidence with tools such as Amazon re-pricer which will keep track of your prices and make sure you are offering you customers the best value for money. On the webinar eSellerPro will cover
• How price checker works
• How price checker rules work
• How the API brings back price bands rather than individual sellers
• Performance expectations
• How min, max, ideal prices work and how we can setup currency specific ideal prices
• How you can use cost formulae with price checkers
• How you can use price checker to abide by the marketplace price parities
• Shortcomings and work for the future.

Join eSellerPro’s Amazon Re-pricer webinar to get ahead of the game on Tuesday 25th June, 11:00am.

Cross Border Trade and VAT for Online Sellers

Meridian• Are you unsure about your VAT responsibilities in different EU countries?
• Are you aware of the risks of not being VAT compliant?
• Would you like to find out if you might have a VAT exposure in another country?
• Would you like to learn how to take steps towards VAT compliance in another jurisdiction?

In this 30 minute webinar, Meridian will help you understand the scenarios that apply to you that could trigger a VAT liability abroad. You will learn about the importance of distance selling thresholds and how they relate to your sales within the EU. You will also learn the risks of not being VAT compliant and how you can eliminate them.

Learn how to stay Value Added Tax (VAT) compliant when you sell goods across the EU with Meridian Global Services Tuesday July 16th, 11.00 am – 11.30am GMT.



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