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Seller-Fee-CalculatorPigflog, an eBay Trading assistant, have put a very simple eBay and Amazon fee calculator on their site which is free to use. It rounds to the nearest £1 so is not exact, but it does give a very quick estimate of the eBay and PayPal or Amazon fees that you’ll pay if you successfully sell your item.

eBay & Amazon Seller Fee Calculator Features

  • Super simple – choose your platform and desired sale price.
  • Instant – the results come up instantly – no clicking.
  • Trading assistant fee option – find out how much agency will cost (Pigflog only)

Whilst the calculator doesn’t take into account things such as low cost or free listings with an eBay shop, it does split fees for both private and business sellers. If you want to know how much you’ll pay a marketplace to sell your item it’s not a bad tool for a rough estimate so that you won’t have any surprises when you get your marketplace invoice.

6 Responses

  1. “Also do you make a profit on fees or do you charge actual postage cost?”


  2. The aim is to maximise profit after fees and postal costs surely?

    Any hurdles and hoops ebay put in the way towards this goal are a minor inconvenience and you have to decide which hurdles and hoops are profitable to run with and which hurdles and hoops are profitable to pass on.

    If you can add a 100% mark up on both postal costs and ebay fees and have “NEW TRS” status and achieve profitable sales please let us in on secret!

    (ebay outlets of course can but the question is more for us mere mortals)

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