eBay sellers: check your invoices after the billing glitch on Wednesday

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eBay Marketplaces homeTo follow on from our report yesterday: eBay are charging an extra £0.92 per listing.

eBay tried to keep a bit quiet about a billing glitch they had on Wednesday. Basically, lots of sellers were erroneously billed an additional 92p when listing items on eBay. The problem affected all sorts of sellers, including those who were listing, sellers revising and also sellers amending Shops items.

We have no idea how long the problem persisted and we don’t know exactly how many sellers were affected. No official announcements were posted by eBay on the UK Announcement Board. eBay have been quite usually coy on the details. It’s sad to note that that is not unusual.

We’re grateful for the many emails and comments we’ve received from readers: they helped enormously in diagnosing that a problem was afoot. We also know from the number of visitors that came to Tamebay yesterday that very many of you wanted answers. Many of the emails we received were from distressed and confused eBay sellers. One lady who contacted us with a bill 8 times her usual was in tears.

eBay now say that the issue is resolved. They say that credits will be forthcoming and accounts will be corrected. But we wonder how long that will take. Hopefully before anyone is charged for the mistake.

Our advice: keep a close eye and a watching brief. Please let us know how you have been affected and whether and when your account is sorted.

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  1. I had this when revising a listing yesterday – the ebay system “added” a picture pack fee, which was then doubled as I was listing in 2 categories. I thought almost £5 for a revision seemed steep, but initially thought this was user error. So I left it. I tried to revise the same listing an hour or so later but the same result, so in the end discarded the changes so at least didn’t incur any costs.

    Glad to hear it wasn’t me, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for any credits. Still waiting for my fees credit from the “glitch” that wiped out all our listings [/rant]

  2. I was charged the picture pack too, only on three items which I was only revising the quantity , so I will be looking to see the refund arrive, as yet it hasn’t been corrected.

  3. Contrary to Ebay states on their noticeboard, this still isn’t sorted. I have just revised some items & have still been charged. An advisor says that when picture pack is pre-picked & needs unticking. I have never ticked this so anyone who was impacted yesterday, it will be worth checking.

  4. Charged £2.478259 several times yesterday, something called Gallery plus.

    Up to around £300 now, apparently I will get credited when my next invoice is generated. yeah, sure.

  5. Anyone got their refunds yet? Today is the 15th (billing day) & I thought Ebay were going to refund before then.

    Still no sign of mine.

  6. If you have been overcharged and have automatic payments set up on your account, remove it. We encountered an identical glitch at the beginning of September last year which resulted in us being overcharged £3400. First eBay tried to blame our 3rd Party Integration, then they said that they would credit us. It took 5 weeks for them to process the credit (which apparently had to be countersigned by 4 different managers due to the amount), during which time the full amount was billed to our credit card which in turn is set up to be paid in full by direct debit each month 🙁 I don’t think I need to elaborate on the chaos this caused!

  7. Good news – credit has appeared on our bill. Nice to see ebay do what they say they are going to do on time.


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