New PayPal User Agreement Updates

As of today there’s an amended PayPal User Agreement. The changes are pretty minor and you probably won’t even notice them, so nothing to worry about.

However I’ve always believed that you should be aware of every contract you’re signed up for (for instance I’ve lost count of how many people haven’t checked out the PayPal fee schedule and applied for a PayPal merchant discount), so here’s a summary of the changes:

Disclosure to Third Parties

The Credit Reference and Fraud Agencies, Marketing and Public Relations, Debt Collection Agencies and Account Review and Vetting companies PayPal use have been updated.

SMS communications

PayPal have added “We may communicate with you as described above by SMS (and SMS will be treated as an email for the purpose of managing your Communication preferences)”. Make sure any mobile phone numbers you have registered with PayPal are up to date and turned on!

Minor wording

Sections of the PayPal Privacy Policy have been amended to clarify existing wording and correct minor typographical errors.

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