Amazon Logistics deliveries to your doorstep

It’s finally been revealed who Amazon Logistics are. It’s Amazon themselves opening up mini regional distribution centres in leased warehouses around the country to streamline their delivery process.

Many Amazon customers have been receiving deliveries from the likes of APLE in Milton Keynes, with the delivery labels carrying the Amazon Logistics branding, but no one was sure who they are.

Today the Telegraph says that Amazon now have seven 50,000 square foot warehouses in Oxford, Milton Keynes, Birmingham and London and plan to open up more in the coming months.

It makes sense for Amazon to take control of the delivery process, although they’re not a fully fledged courier but are using smaller third party couriers to do the doorstep deliveries. By having mini-fulfilment centres strategically placed around the country they’re that much closer to their customer’s doorstep and can ensure packages are delivered on time.

That’s especially important as it comes up to Christmas. Flexibility with couriers gives more options, especially if the likes of Royal Mail and Citylink do go on strike. With a bit of luck for Amazon the smaller partners that they’re working with won’t be affected by industrial action.

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And then the local couriers get overwhelmed by the quantity of packages being given to them. They recruit random people with old cars and compete with Myhermes for last place.

Mark • 30th September 2013 •