New eBay fee structure kicks in today

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Today is the day that eBay fees and shop subscriptions change. Whilst it’s hard to avoid paying eBay final value fees, you can make savings to insertion fees though selecting the correct shop level.

For the first time ever it’s financially worthwhile for sellers who mainly use the auction format to consider an eBay shop, to get discounts on their auction insertion fees.

Insertion Fees from 4th September 2013

Flat rate auction insertion fees
Anchor Shop fee reduced from £349.99 to £249.99
More free listings for Basic and Featured Shops

Shop Subscription

Monthly shop Fee

Free Fixed Price Listings

Additional Fixed Price Listings

Sub 99p Auction Fee

£1 and over Auction Fee

No Shop £0 0 30p 10p 30p
Basic Shop £19.99 200 10p 5p 15p
Featured Shop £59.99 1200 5p 5p 15p
Anchor Shop £249.99 Unlimited Included 5p 15p

If you only sell within the UK it should be pretty easy for you to figure out which level eBay shop to choose (, but at the time of writing it hasn’t yet been updated to the new fee structure). It’s when you come to listing overseas that the calculation becomes more complicated and it depends how many and which countries you wish to list it.

Suffice to say that if you currently subscribe to an Anchor shop you should seriously look at the benefits of a featured shop and figure out if you’re better off downgrading. It will of course depend on the eBay shop features that you use as well as how many listings you have on how many overseas sites. However you have to be a seriously big seller for a Featured shop not to work out pretty cost effective, even with the £100 they just lopped off the price of an Anchor shop.

Featured and Anchor Shop International Fixed Price Listing Fees

Shop Subscription

eBay Spain France and Italy

Rest of EU

eBay Australia

Featured Free insertion fees eBay Switzerland 0.05CHF
eBay Poland 0.05PLN
All other eBay EU sites 0.05€
200 free listings 500 free listings
Anchor Free insertion fees Free insertion fees Free insertion fees 2500 free listings

Have you figured out which level eBay shop is best for your business? Are you going to be listing on overseas eBay sites, or are you one of those still only listing on eBay UK?

11 Responses

  1. Did you know the Final Value Fee only applies to new listings? Any old listings (pre 4.9.13) are charged FVF at the old rate. Apparently it’s charged based on the listing date according to the ebay live chat I’ve just been on.

  2. I didn’t get anticipated benefits on cheaper international listings for featured shop. Small print I guess. Will try to find out.

  3. MW was spot on with the advice.

    Just been charged £56.918631 FVF.

    Think I’ll end the lot at midnight, by breakfast they should all be back in the right place in Best Match.

  4. Loving these new fees. 😀

    Had an offer in last night of £1500 on an old listing, so I ended it, contacted the buyer and apologised for ending it by mistake, re listed it he offered again.

    FVF £34.78. Beautiful.

  5. We have just worked out that selling a 99p item on ebay with 99p post and paid via Paypal (an ebay company) costs an eye-watering 26.3% of the total selling price! This does not include the £60 shop fee. Ebay seems to pricing it’s way out of the market…


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