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Amazon BugIt would appear that Amazon may have had a problem disbursing funds into seller’s bank accounts. They are sending emails to their customers saying:

Amazon disbursement failure email

Your most recent transfer in the amount of £xxxxx was not successfully deposited into your bank account on file ending in xxxx. The funds were returned to us and we have removed the current bank account information from your seller account. To receive funds you will need to update your bank account information by following these instructions:

1. Log in to your seller account and go to your seller account information page.
2. In the Deposit Method section, click Edit.
3. Update your account with a valid bank account and routing number.
Your funds will be deposited in the updated bank account on the next scheduled transfer date.

Check your bank balance and don’t go overdrawn!

Some sellers are also telling us that their bank details and business address details have disappeared from their Seller Account page. However they can still see the payments which should have been made to their bank accounts and their balance in their Amazon account has increased by the sum of failed payments.

Amazon only pay every two weeks, so this is potentially serious for sellers as it could be another two weeks before payments arrive, unless Amazon can correct the disbursements and make an extra curricular payment to affected sellers.

Make sure you check your bank account and if required delay payments until the next scheduled transfer date which may be the earliest that you see the funds. That’s not only in two weeks time but it normally takes a further week for the payment to hit your bank account.

20 Responses

  1. We’ve had this message this morning. I’ve re-added our bank details to Amazon account and called them but couldn’t get through. Spoke to our bank Natwest and they said its not possible for them to take back the payment they made to us last Wednesday. So at the moment we still have the payment from last Wednesday in our bank and they have credited the amount back to our Amazon account too! I’m guessing they will just knock the amount back off the Amazon balance and all will be well again.

    Sounds like a nightmare day for Amazon.

  2. Hi Chris, the Seller Central Dashboard has the following update:

    Technical Notification
    15 Oct 2013


    Currently, a technical issue is causing incorrect messages about failed disbursements to be sent to sellers.

    All disbursements have been debited and are visible in the seller account.

    Additionally, bank account data is not being shown in the related accounts.

    We are working to resolve this issue with highest priority.

    (15/10, 9:32 MET)

    Kind regards,


  3. Same here. Not only but too. Two failed disbursements notices for, the oldest payment dating back to early September. All payments did clear at the time.

    My amazon balance has never looked so good!

  4. HI – just had the same message for my last 3 payments, one back in September, I rang the bank to see if the payments had been returned to Amazon and they haven’t, and I’ve not been able to get through on the phone, so I guess we’ll have to wait for the tech fairies to fix things.
    As A+ says I’m really liking my Amazon balance at the moment!
    Don’t expect it it will stay that way – ho hum!

  5. Me too, two emails saying that the disbursements couldn’t be made – but they have already and as someone said, they cannot take it back.

    My balance looks great, I’ll have that please 🙂

    Seems like a massive glitch that will just correct itself. There seems to be a lot of glitches with technology and big companies lately.

  6. I had one of these this morning so I am glad I came here to check the news. I will check my bank account to see if it actually arrived on not.

    Thanks for this.

  7. Surprise surprise I had one aswell! Sell books on Amazon nothing else. See I’m a book seller too of transport books only mine sell unlike the books that constantly reappear on ebay on free listing days!

    Now the secrets out just to say I do sell other things 99% of the time.

    Maybe others here should take a leaf out of my book!

  8. we had this for UK, DE and FR for payments made two weeks ago – monies in and cannot be taken back, so was ignoring the emails

    BUT…the main UK disbursement that was due out last night has not come out as it says bank accounts disabled (which we know they have done in the account – now showing next disbursement as 29th Oct- if I re-enter the bank accounts they hold for 2 weeks so could miss this date, meaning mid Nov for next payment.

    That would seriously muck things up…

    So Amazon disabling bank account to stop the false messages HAS stopped payments last night going out…

  9. It’s not just the money – the amount of wasted time for sellers trying to sort this out is staggering. I travelled to Birmingham yesterday for a prearranged meeting with a seller, who had no time to speak to me because she was on the phone to Amazon. A wasted day for both of us.

  10. Yesterday at 18:58:
    “Greetings from Amazon,

    We are currently experiencing a technical issue which caused you to receive an incorrect notice about a failed disbursement. Please disregard this message as all disbursements were credited to your bank account.

    Additionally, we have temporarily disabled the bank details in your Seller Central account while we resolve this issue.

    We are working to resolve this with the highest priority and apologise for any inconvenience. No action is required from you at this point; your bank details will be re-enabled automatically.

    Please check Seller Central for further updates.


    Amazon Services Europe”

    “Greetings from Amazon…..” my a**e
    As soon as I saw my original message that the payment had been returned I jumped in to Seller Central and checked that my account details were in there.
    They weren’t. They had been disabled. So when I went to put them in again it gave me the choice of the original details which had obviously been stored. So I just chose them (no need to type in details from my card again).
    This was done within 5 minutes of receiving the original email.

    Yesterday at 20:12:
    “Dear Seller,

    As you requested, the bank account information associated with your seller account has been changed. Your future transfers will be submitted to this new bank account. This change will not affect any transfers of funds initiated prior to this change.

    Note: There is a mandatory 3-day security hold before any changes to bank account information take effect. Transfers of funds cannot be initiated until after that period, which starts on the date you submit your new bank account information in your seller account.

    You can update your bank account information at any time in the Settings section of your seller account. For additional information, please visit our online Help pages.

    Thank you for selling on Amazon,

    Amazon Services Europe”

    My disbursement was due today.
    This morning I received:
    “Dear [seller],

    We initiated a transfer to your current account (ending in xxx) in the amount of £xxxxxx on 16/10/2013.

    Please contact your bank to find out how long it should take for the funds to arrive in your account.
    To see more information about payments to your seller account, do the following:
    1. Log in to your seller account and go to your payments information page.
    2. Use the Account Summary drop-down menu to see past disbursements.

    Thank you for selling on Amazon.

    Amazon Services Europe”

    So we shall see!
    Will I see the money in my account on Monday (BTW what happened to Fast Transfers? Did anyone tell Amazon?)


  11. I’m actually quite disgusted by this and they shouldn’t be allowed to get away with it, although they will!

    We should be paid a large sum of money today which once cleared would sit in our bank until the end of the month making interest or to be used for cash deals. Amazon have now changed the transfer date in our seller account so we won’t see the money owed to us now until another 2 weeks.

    Forget the error they surely can release the actual funds owed – very angry!

  12. My funds were due to hit my bank account today but nothing 🙁

    looking at the amazon forum a lot of peoples who had funds due to hit today are effected too
    not good for cash flow at all

  13. This is appalling. We are still waiting for our payment! Despite assurances from Amazon last week.

    It’s bad enough that they hang on to the cash for 2 weeks and then take 3 days to transfer. Why is this? If I transfer money from our PayPal account it is in our bank within minutes.

    Are Amazon going to pay overdraft fees for those that go into the red? I doubt

  14. I started to get worried about the payments. On payments page it clearly states that they initiated the payment on 15/10/2013 would it really take this long to transfer money in UK !!! Did anyone manage to get proper response out of them?

  15. Money is received today. So now let see when European disbursement will arrive. So i am assuming European disbursements will arrive next Monday instead of this Thursday 🙁

  16. I too placed a order for a mobile hand set and paid the proceeds vide my credit card. The next day I receieved an email saying the product is undeliverable and refund is in process. On enquiry i was told that products value more than 10000 INR could not be delivered. I checked on the site and found that the price of the product o oredered had been increased by about 15%. Till date it is more than 2 weeks and refund has not been heard.


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