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New View Item PromotionSomething new has popped up on eBay – they’re promoting the best sellers in terms of feedback, Item Condition, savings, free postage and experience.

If you look at any item (unless I’m in a test group or the seller doesn’t tick any of the boxes) then just below the buy box a new strip has appeared which could have up to three messages in.

Whilst you as a seller may not be able to affect what’s shown, you can certainly tick some of the boxes and if looks like free post is a biggie. I’m not sure how experienced you have to be to get the “Experienced Seller” tag, possibly it’s sellers with the most feedback as it doesn’t appear to be restricted to sellers offering eBay Premium Service.

Check your own listings and see if there are steps you can take to get more tags on your listings, “New” and “Free Postage” are the most likely, but also having “100% feedback” instead of 99.9% just became more valuable than it ever has in the past.

19 Responses

  1. Looks like another promote the outlets when will this blatant favouritism stop.

    Glad i have stopped selling and more importantly buying as well its off to Amazon for me.

  2. .
    All this ebay fiddling lately suggests they are either loosing buyer trust [business/orders] or/and some sellers are falling away, ie; not performing well.

  3. It’s yet another way ebay will show favoritism to some sellers over others in terms of item visibility and recommendation or promotion (and not all that subtle- how subtle are these tags?)

  4. experienced seller! what a load of bollocks and a waste of space,
    what’s the point of DSR stars Feedback scores and percentages then?

  5. I’ve just checked my listings and all of mine have experienced seller with Free postage & New, the ones without free postage just states Experienced seller and New. But and a big but for me my sales have dropped over the past 2 weeks and no idea Why?. It will be interesting to see my next invoice and sales.

  6. Most of ours tags show Experienced
    Seller & Free Postage. We also have a few showing Limited Quantity Remaining , Over 50% sold , New & Best Offer Accepted. Anything which helps a buyer make a purchasing decision is a good thing…

  7. How do ebay monetise advertising on mobile? They can’t so this lost revenue has to be made up another way. expect fees to be jacked up.



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