54,000 eBay users banned in purge

We’ve been hearing of a mass purge by eBay and a ton of accounts being closed, and now it’s been confirmed.

eBay have emailed sellers to let them know the results of the new “Report a Buyer feature”. They say that they’ve protected the seller performance ratings of over 60,000 sellers and 54,000 buyer accounts that were in breach of eBay policy have been suspended.

That’s a pretty impressive number of accounts to purge and doubtless some of those suspended were also sellers (although I’ve never understood why a seller would buy on their selling account instead of a separate buying account).

Along with the news, eBay reminded sellers of the Seller Protection policies and that reminded me that there’s still a massive difference between eBay Seller Protection and PayPal Seller Protection.

Bearing in mind that an eBay buyer could open either an eBay or a PayPal claim, you’d think that the policies would be broadly the same, and they are: bar one important difference.

To win a claim with PayPal for non-delivery you need to have proof of delivery with a signature for orders over £250. That seems quite reasonable. Except if a buyer chooses to open a case on eBay instead of PayPal. Then items valued over £750 are protected so long as you have proof of delivery with a signature.

What this really means is that you should ignore the £750 figure and pay for signature on delivery of any item worth more than £250. You can’t count on eBay buyers opening a case on eBay and not going straight to PayPal to get their money back.

I’d love to see the figure bought into line so that no matter how a buyer tries to claim, the protection for an eBay seller remains the same.

Edited to add: eBay have just given some additional background commentary…
The 54,000 accounts have been removed throughout 2013 as part of a continual process to protect sellers, and are not removed all at once. Buyers are identified using feedback provided by sellers, subsequently investigated and appropriate action taken.

This is part of efforts to ensure that eBay continues to be a safe and fair market place all buyers and sellers. The removal of buyer accounts is something eBay takes very seriously.

In regards to the misalignment on value of items where proof of delivery with a signature is required between eBay and PayPal protection polices, we’re working to align the protection policies on eBay and PayPal.

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total spin what is this in percentage of the total accounts ? there is still bugger all protection here at the sharp end

northumbrian • 22nd November 2013 •

I disagee with you. This is welcome news by ebay and shows they value the selling community. Amazon do jack shit with buyers who abuse their systems. They wont even discuss fraud on the phone. The police arent interested... ebay do care. If you dont like ebay northumbrian, then *&^% off and use ebid

TOny • 28th November 2013 •

our relationship with ebay is as a professional business liking them is not important we profit by using them we dont have to like them

northumbrian • 28th November 2013 •

RE; ebay do care My experience is otherwise....

Gerry007 • 28th November 2013 •

screw them

David • 22nd November 2013 •

I agree with the 2 above points. This is just political soundbites. I am wondering if there is a much deeper issue going on here. All the recent activity around trying to show some positivity towards sellers, points to a drain away of sellers on ebay that they are trying desperately to stem. Don't forget that many small sellers are also buyers and being harshly treated as a seller, affects our view of ebay as a whole, not just the view from being a seller. It's true to a degree for small sellers - no money coming in through ebay sales equals no buying on ebay no matter how cheap it may be. Sales are down here on same period last year and from watching similar sellers feedback left stats, it would seem they are down too. Perhaps ebay daily traffic stats are also showing a downward trend. Whilst the money is not coming in as expected, I am making different spending plans than originally thought (they do not include ebay as I can ring up a seller direct or shop on the High Street with my credit card).

mw • 22nd November 2013 •

My personal eBay account - with 2500 sales + 1600 x 100% Feedback - is one of the culled accounts. I've said a lot on the eBay forums regarding this action. Ultimately, it appears eBay's DSR protocol and 12 month review system is essentially being used as a way to get rid of the smaller accounts. I haven't seen any business accounts restricted from selling as of yet. I quote eBay CEO John Donahoe from 2007... "We had to create a mind shift at our company—we had to think bold and not just incremental. We had to create a vision of the future so people could let go of a very successful past.” Interpreted this means "we are jealous of and want to be Amazon and will do whatever it takes to imitate them. Even if this means losing our identity and forgetting what we did best". So the clear message to Music Magpie, Cash Convectors, eBid and all of the other re-commerce companies, here is your chance to take massive market share from a lost company = eBay! Thoughts, Comments, Insults welcome.

Jason Cooke • 22nd November 2013 •

With 2500 sales shouldn't you have a business account? Maybe this is why you have been 'culled'.

Alwills • 22nd November 2013 •

I need to clarify that my selling account has been restricted - but I am still able to buy on eBay. Lucky me. This comment below surprises me as I've not heard of any buying accounts being restricted. "They say that they've protected the seller performance ratings of over 60,000 sellers and 54,000 buyer accounts that were in breach of eBay policy have been suspended."

Jason Cooke • 22nd November 2013 •

54.000 accounts removed , how many of those are multiples that belong to the same account, how many of those removed accounts have been actively stopped from buying , or prosecuted ? they just simply re register or use another persons account to buy, we dont want buyers accounts removed we want fair play and protection from basically honest nieve buyers

northumbrian • 22nd November 2013 •

For anyone interested, search for "Guardrail" which apparently is eBay's internal protocol and this is known as "Quick Decline" from an account holders perspective. If I'm OK to add links check this video: https://auctionsitenews.com/ebay-guardrail/

Jason Cooke • 22nd November 2013 •

this thread is about buyers and ebay protecting we sellers , sellers accounts being suspended dont seem to matter

northumbrian • 22nd November 2013 •

Maybe that's what eBay would have you believe. Trust me its all related. Give it time, you'll hear a lot more about it as the cull continues.

Jason Cooke • 22nd November 2013 •

we agree , thats our point , little is being mentioned about the recent seller cull yet we get the corporate spin and hogwash about protection

northumbrian • 23rd November 2013 •

NP my bad!

Jason Cooke • 29th November 2013 •

Hmm, that's interesting. Sales are down, so what does a company do? Kick out the customers. Something tells me that the head of Ebay hasn't a MBA, or an education of any type. Oh well, the sellers will just try to sell to less people.

Vivia • 24th November 2013 •

Maybe someone at eBay with an MBA figured out that if a buyer is going to abuse sellers then everyone is better off without them?

Chris Dawson • 24th November 2013 •

Here is a quote from eBay's CEO John Donahoe who had recently been promoted at the time to CEO. The last bit says it all. They essentially want to be Amazon, which is s shame as they will never be Amazon and what they had just worked - now being taken up by the likes of Music Magpie = Recommerce. Full quote: "“Today we’re dealing with phase two or phase three [he can’t remember which one] of disruptive innovation. We’ve had the disruption, now we’re having to disrupt the disruption. ... Based on our experience, here’s how innovation at the core worked. We had to create a mind shift at our company—we had to think bold and not just incremental. We had to create a vision of the future so people could let go of a very successful past.”—John Donahoe (26 Sept 2007)"

Jason Cooke • 29th November 2013 •

ebay is singular. Why do you keep writing "ebay have....?" It should be "ebay has."

Lisa • 24th November 2013 •

. A SELLER; We've had an account restricted from selling.....2000 sales in 3 months, with 8 un-resloved resolution cases [2 more than permitted]. We accepted we had not resolved all problems, but this was just savage, particularly as 3 buyers/cases had failed to close them even after we had replaced supposedly INR. A BUYER: One of the above 8.... refused to make a statement to us that they had not received their item, calling us Some very sharp swear words littered throughout each and every email... Their - feedback was totally unwarranted [ebay refused removal] and was left @06.38am, when strangely another buyer placed an order @ 06.45am for £850 over several items [1 of which was the same as the above] and then of course never paid.... ebay CS were most unhelpful, and they acknowledged the 2 buyers apparently lived less than 500 yds apart, had used the same keywords littered throughout their feedbacks. Ebay CS and Resolution team did nothing and both those buyers accounts are still active and their feedback is increasing, so no buying restrictions, even though I was assured action would be taken. Oh, action was taken, but against us.

Gerry007 • 26th November 2013 •

its a little like a store lease being terminated because they dont allow shoplifters

northumbrian • 27th November 2013 •

I'm surprised more people are not joining the discussion here as a lot of people have been affected and continue to be so to this day and beyond - when their 12 month DSR review period is up. The DSR period AKA a way to get rid of the personal accounts and smaller sellers without recourse.

Jason Cooke • 29th November 2013 •

. The P&P DSR received should be upped by 10% automatically to compensate for ebays' grab of 10% as fees..... Another of the DSRs that are now virtually irrelevant to everyone, but Ebay .

Gerry007 • 29th November 2013 •

Offer free shipping for an automatic 5 star DSR for P&P and a fee discount (other conditions apply for the discount). At the same time ebay are happy as you are singing to their tune.

Gary • 30th November 2013 •

maybe there is a santa,! astoundingly we actually got something done (needed to contact twice though) a complete fruit loop buyer who was threatening and attempting extortion suspended and the negatives they had left for numerous sellers removed,

northumbrian • 30th November 2013 •

ps DAN if you ever publish a book of the top 100 ebay barmy buyers, this is number one

northumbrian • 30th November 2013 •