eBay “Click and Collect” now live for large merchants

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eBay are are switching on their new Click and Collect program for all large merchants who have capabilities to allow customers to pick up in their high street stores.

This was announced at the same time as eBay launched the Click and Collect trial with Argos and for retailers brings together the online experience with their offline presence – Rather than directly competing with retailers eBay actively drive traffic into retailers physical shops.

Of course you might wonder why someone would want to sell on eBay and the answer is quite simple. It’s all about letting consumers buy when they want, where they want, how they want with the shopping experience that they’re most comfortable with.

Click and Collect hmMany consumers (most of the country!) already shop on eBay and it’s common sense to allow them to buy your products on the site. However not all consumers are at home when the courier delivers and sometimes it’s just easier to pick up in store at lunch time or over the weekend.

eBay’s promotion will largely focus on two Parts and Accessories merchants taking part: , . However if you want to try eBay’s click and collect but don’t need car parts then you can also buy footwear from who are already live with click and collect on eBay.

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  1. Why would you buy footwear on eBay that you have not tried on and then collect from a store where you could have (tried on)?

    Beats me.

    Ah – I get it they don’t want you to buy on eBay at all – they just want you to go to the store!

  2. I think you may find that ‘most consumers’ that already shop on ebay are not doing so; All the major high street brands have good online stores – John Lewis for instance reports a 24% increase in internet sales- ebay is still the flea market it always was; perhaps it needs to get back to its roots to find more consumer appeal?

  3. This is not new, retailers have done order and collect in store for ages.

    Its really fun when you goto collect and your items not in stock.

    This is because these large sellers will want to fill stock from the local store. Not ship it from a master warehouse to the store. So problems are going to be common. It makes sense save the carrier charges.

    Having said that its better than cassani.

    Ebay share price been as flat as a pancake for ages, the market couldn’t be on more of a bull run. Even companies that have been flat for years like ms have run up. But ebays left in the 50-55 usd range

    I prefer the amazon locker idea, its far superior and you item will actually be there when you goto pick it up. Plus it won’t be pointless doing so as what your picking up isn’t on a shelf 3 seconds away and you could of picked it up 2 days ago and checked out quicker than waiting for some teenage underpaid warehouse worker to locate your parcel.

  4. ebay needs to recruit some talent, and grow some balls.

    Everyone said whitman enjoyed a good time because the banks were lending and everyone was in a debt fueled orgy of spending. Partly true. But look what she did at HP she turned it around. The stock price reflects this.

    Why not get someone like Marissa Mayers in from yahoo, Some one who understand people and the internet and its skilled and intelligent as well as beautiful.

    Im not hitting on John Donahoe, hes done amazing things but i believe some of ebays acquisitions have been poor (but some good) and then poorly executed and integrated.

    I really dont get what ebays playing at, what they hope to become and what they want to achieve.

    The moves they make seem more and more desperate as time goes on.

  5. I’ve clicked and collected quite a lot of late, only electronic items though. It’s great.

    With JD on shoes etc I can’t see the point.

  6. click and collect will only work for the urban city centre buyer were at least 50 miles from the nearest john lewis , 20 miles from argos ,

    click and collect is not that much different from which argos has been doing for years anyhow


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