eBay inflict annoying fast food banner on users

Are eBay really expecting me to appreciate an advert for Burger King as a home page take over advert? I’m half wondering if this if for real or if I’ve got some nasty virus that’s showing me adverts. I don’t think it’s a virus though… I’m seeing the adverts on multiple devices.

I don’t know what you think, but I’m dead against this sort of advert. I totally understand that advertising gains eBay a fair chunk of revenue, but firstly it looks cheap, tacky and unappealing, and secondly when I’m looking at the top of the eBay page it’s because I want to click on menu items, not to accidentally click on a wretched banner that takes me off to a burger company website.

I can’t imagine seeing this at 10pm at night on a Saturday evening is going to make too many people think “You know what, I fancy filling my stomach with greasy fast food wrapped in a cardboard bun”.

Maybe I’m wrong, what do you think? Do you want to buy a burger on eBay or does it turn you off?

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It was the off eBay advertising that was one of the reasons I stopped professonally selling on eBay. It was when they started showing Google AdWords on the same page that I had paid to list my products that eBay started to go down hill. My sales reduced when they started that. Why would I want to pay to list items on eBay, when they want to send people offsite to my compeditors? eBay have forgotten who their customer is - the eBay seller who lists items and pays FVFs.

Nigel Peacock • 23rd November 2013 •

I thought I was seeing things when I first see this advert, I was first alerted to it when I see it in a email from eBay today. Nigel is right.

Richyb • 23rd November 2013 •

I have always thought it perverse that when someone has found you, the first thing that you do is show a customer an advert to go somewhere else!! This started with Jo Bloggs removal van with the advert on the outside 'find us in yellow pages'. Yes ok if I have found you then why send me to the nest full of all your competitors? eBay showing all these relevant/irrelevant adds simply tells me that eBay isn't that clever either or considers itself to be a monopoly. So to what extent is eBay a monoploy?

JD • 24th November 2013 •

"I can’t imagine seeing this at 10pm at night on a Saturday evening is going to make too many people think “You know what, I fancy filling my stomach with greasy fast food wrapped in a cardboard bun”" I'd guess that 10pm on a Saturday night is the about busiest time of the week for takeaways. "it looks cheap, tacky and unappealing" Indeed it does, ideal match for ebay. I don't think you can fault their targeting here.

Peter King • 24th November 2013 •

It might be the busiest time of the week for takeaways if I've been on the lash in town, but I'm hardly going to be sat on my sofa browsing the net and be convinced to drive to town looking for a skanky burger :-)

Chris Dawson • 24th November 2013 •

I beg your pardon! BK burgers are really nice, second only to Schwartz Bros. burgers in Bath and Bristol. They're not skanky! However Chris et al. are correct on all other counts. We should not have some stupid advert infringing itself over our menu bar so we click it by accident. That's a real dirty trick, particularly when inflicted on already-paying customers (i.e. the seller)

Tony • 24th November 2013 •

Where I live Burger King delivers. I was able to get 6 burgers (4 large and 2 small), 4 drinks, and 4 fries for $18. That is after delivery fee and tip.

ebuyerfb • 25th November 2013 •

Not a bad price though, 99p for a flamed grilled cheeseburger! Might pop in to BK next time I'm out and about and feeling a little peckish. Cheeseburgers are nice.

Jimbo • 24th November 2013 •

Not a bad price though - 99p for a cheeseburger. Might pop in to BK next time I'm passing. Cheeseburgers are nice.

jimbo • 24th November 2013 •

does Adblock+ not do away with this trash?

Mac • 24th November 2013 •

Yes it does @Chris In America, depending on where you live & how far away the nearest BK is, it might actually result in Mom having a night off from the kitchen. But, if we are running down the road for a fats & carb fix we're probably not shopping. In today's 30 second attention span world, you, the seller, don't have a huge window of sales opportunity. I guess eBay is making more from the ads than fees. Or data is suggesting that. Oops! Edited to add last sentence.

Henrietta • 24th November 2013 •

Adblock on Firefox removes 99% of this rubbish from the Internet...

Mike • 24th November 2013 •

Hi Chris, I would imagine this is because Mcdonalds in France is excepting Paypal now. Which I suppose Burger King could be next?

chef K • 24th November 2013 •

Burger King has gone, I'm seeing an advert for Hobbit tickets now. Maybe this isn't a one off weekend thing :-(

Chris Dawson • 24th November 2013 •

the most annoying adverts are the blatant selling of new goods by charities competing unfairly with legitimate business

northumbrian • 25th November 2013 •

Well for me the ads are gone this morning. Thank you eBay, please don't bother to bring them back as I hate them!

Chris Dawson • 25th November 2013 •

Does anybody know if these ads are pay per click for BK or have they bulk booked the full weekend? Should we not be more supportive of ebay trying to get revenue from advertisers rather than sellers? I for 1 will put up with the annoyance if it means I pay less seller fees. Ebay will get it's revenue from adverts or from sellers, they don't care where it comes from. I would rather it was BK (or the likes) not me!

mw • 25th November 2013 •

At least the BK adverts were for a product not available on ebay (the taste would probably deteriorate once it has spent a few days with Royal Mail). It would be far worse if they advertised a similar product to that listed from an off ebay retailer.

Mark • 25th November 2013 •

Must be the weekend, the annoying adverts are back and this time it's for some NOW TV BOX. See you on Monday eBay when hopefully the adverts will have gone again. I'm taking the weekend off from buying.

Chris Dawson • 29th November 2013 •