PayPal: 90% of Brits will buy online this Christmas


According to PayPal, this Christmas almost 90% of Britons will do some of their shopping online.

The survey, covering shoppers in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy, Russia and Singapore, shows that Britons shopping online and with a mobile device this Christmas will do almost half their festive shopping on their smartphone or tablet, compared with just 35% internationally.

One of the major reasons people in the UK like shopping online so much, who knew, is the ability to do it 24 hours a day. One third of shoppers say they buy in bed and 46% favour shopping between 7pm and 1am.

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  1. My first thought about the 90% figure was that it was quite a high percentage to be believable, but as usual with statistics, it wasn’t qualified.

    In all likelihood, if it was a survey directed to Paypal users, then it is believable.

    Mind you with all the “can I cancel my order please” due to Son, daughter, baby, cat or dog accidentally pressing the buy button then it may well be 90% of Britons.


  2. Lee,

    Let me assure you I asked the same question to paypal pr. They assure me 90% of all Britons is what they mean.

    I think they mean 90 % of adult consumers with net access.


  3. Friday and Saturday nights after 9pm are very good for us, alcohol is no doubt a big factor in this though as most of the “my cat walked over my keyboard” style BS excuses for no longer wanting it also happen at w.ends.

    The 90% thing is fluff. 18% of the country are under 14.

  4. Complete nonsense claim considering the official figures suggest that 17% of households don’t even have an internet connection.

  5. Exactly Paddy, that is what I thought. According to a BBC story last month, 80% of UK households had had an internet connection at the end of 2012. So 90% doing their shopping at the end of 2013 is very unlikely.

    Paypal have a vested interest, perhaps we should look for other sources?

  6. 22% of the UK population is over 60. So Paypal claims 100% of all Brits under 60 will buy online and 50% of those over 60.

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