eBay India introduce 9-hour delivery service in Mumbai

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eBay has unveiled a new 9 hour same day delivery service in the Indian city of Mumbai. The service as it stands will allow shoppers in technology categories to order goods before noon and receive them before 9pm.

It is expected that the service will be expanded to other cities in India and other selling categories in due course. A new site has been set up to enable the service: www.ebay.in/mumbai

Mumbai has a population of about 12 million people, so we’re talking about a serious commercial opportunity. This move further underpins the huge economic and social change that is happening in the BRIC, CIVET and MINT countries as they move to become world powers and that equals opportunity. In these countries mobile shopping, in particular, is enjoying explosive growth.

It’s also further evidence, if any were needed, that the way ecommerce orders are being delivered is changing alongside customer expectations.

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  1. My last INR was to India also so no longer ship their either. Don’t normally ship to India but the buyer pleaded with me, Now it is a firm no every time. Wonder how the India INR’s stack up against the UK?

  2. I stopped posting to India last year.

    I finally gave up with Italy last week.

    I am now having problems with Spain with a large amount of parcels not arriving after 2 weeks. I have even had a policy warning from Amazon.es due to the problems.

    Has anyone else had problems with Spain recently?

  3. why cant ebay contact these iffy countries buyers the same as they have just announced for argentina

  4. What have they announced for Argentina? I can’t find where the eBay announcements are hidden on the site anymore.


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