Morrisons open ecommerce website

Supermarket Morrsions have finally signed up to the 21st Century and opened a brand new ecommerce website for shoppers to buy their groceries from. Previously, they had made tentative forays into ecommerce with wine.

Even now, this is a fairly limited trial and only available to shoppers in a part of the Midlands but that will likely expand as the service rolls out. On such a limited basis for now it’s unlikely that online shopping is going to start contributing to the bottom line in any meaningful way.

Considering that most of the other supermarkets must have been delivering the goods to shoppers at home for the better part of 15 years (if not longer), it’s fairly bewildering that Morrisons are so late to the party with this innovation. They really are playing catch up.

AT the end of 2013, Morrisons saw a 5.6% decrease in sales and took a 7% hit on the share price. Online shopping accounts for about 5% of retail grocery sales but that’s still nearly £8bn worth of trade.

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