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A new start-up in San Francisco called myDoorman has a new take on the problem of receiving the ecommerce goods. It caught my eye because it is both elegant and simple.

We’ve got lockers where you can collect your parcels, click & collect and all manner of other solutions. But how about a service that takes receipt of your purchases and then delivers them to you when you’re good and ready, and best of all at home? That’s what myDoorman does.

It’s been founded by former Pixar executive Zander Adell who says of the idea: “I was completely obsessed with Uber, and used it all the time. And one day, I missed a package delivery – like I always did, because I lived in San Francisco – and I remember being furious, thinking ‘why doesn’t this work like Uber? Why can’t I just hit a button and it comes to me when I want it to come?'”

There’s a lot to like. MyDoorman will hold your parcels for as long as six weeks, you can call for a delivery between 6pm until midnight and a delivery costs $7, regardless of how many parcels they have been holding.


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