Has anyone seen the new Shops design eBay UK is testing?

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At the end off last month eBay made an announcement that said: “We’re currently exploring updates to the buying and selling experience on eBay, as we work to deliver a new more retail-standard shopping experience for buyers. Starting on January 29, 2014, and for the next 4 weeks, we’ll be trying out some new features on eBay.co.uk.

As part of these features, some eBay Stores will be presented to buyers in an updated look and feel. The Stores we’re targeting are those that don’t have any custom promotion boxes, custom headers, or custom pages. A small portion of buyer traffic will be funneled into these newly designed Stores.”

Apart from miscalling Shops Stores, the most interesting thing about this announcement is that I have been hunting around and haven’t seen anything! Have you? Tip-offs sought.

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  1. …and i dont think they’re doing it on a per-store basis either. there’s two of us managing one eBay account here, when i look at our store page i get the usual, when my colleague looks on his pc he gets a redesigned page. its the same store, logged in on the same account, i havent been able to figure out why he is served the new design and i’m not.

  2. Hi my store has been updated.
    It’s a bit of a pain because the shop logo has changed from rectangle to square. I changed the shop logo to fit. But now the logo looks stretched on other pages.
    It would have been good if eBay told is in advance and warned us of the changes!

  3. Yes, both our eBay stores are now displaying in this new format. Same format where ever I look at them. Not sure how other people are seeing them. No increase in sales seen as a result but a much more modern, upto date feel. A well needed breath of fresh air.

  4. I have had the new design a couple of times,

    Main problem it is just 1 big list,

    No search bar to find individual listings,

    No categories to the left to dial down the results,

    You have to go into 1 of your listings and use those categories.

  5. To be fair to ebay isn’t a store with no promotion boxes the type they are targeting for the test? It may be that this is phase one of a whole series of store enhancement tests with later tests involving stores that do use templates and promotion boxes.

    Truth is we don’t know what ebay are up to but what I do know is that ebay have this sneaky habit of coming up with enhancements and new benefits at the same time as announcing fee changes which are normally perceived by its customers as fee increases!

  6. I’m not sure what design everyone else is seeing but the new design eBay have applied to our 2 stores is fantastic. Very clean, crisp, in keeping with the new eBay design trend. Infinite scroll for products works a treat and search is much better. It has featured items in it’s header and categories, cleanly to the left.

  7. yes, his pc is running vista and he is served the new design, mine is running windows 7 and i get the regular design. so rather than targeting per-store they’re serving the new design to browsers with outdated operating systems? why cant eBay just give the correct bloody information for once?

  8. Well I’ve just looked at my shop after a complaint from a customer. The customer was right he couldn’t find the category on the left like he normally did!. How many non regular customers am I loosing due to this?.

    My shop is reelbearings


  9. search is still there, its just on the right and about an inch higher now. but i’m still not surprised people wont be able to find it. “have to look three inch to the side? ridiculous! i’ll shop on amazon instead!”

  10. I am seeing this with my US customers a lot. Those with professional design that uses css to control the layout on the older eBay stores may need upgrades. Designs held in ‘eBay pages’ shouldn’t be affected as they don’t break policy and use the api to ‘construct’ a store within the page.

    This is why eBay has such policies so they can develop new stuff and NOT affect tons of store designs.

    On eBay.com the about me page is being scrapped and replaced too.


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