Ofcom report shows high satisfaction for Royal Mail postal service

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Postal service regulator Ofcom has reported high satisfaction for the Royal Mail postal service in its 2013 report. The highlights include:

– 87% of people in the UK are satisfied with the postal service.
– 67% of consumers said they were satisfied with the postal service in terms of value for money.
– 94% of consumers are satisfied or very satisfied with Royal Mail’s Delivery to Neighbour service.

The deliver to neighbour service was rolled out nationally in September 2012. Apparently more than a quarter of consumers (28%) have used it since then.

Mike Newnham, Royal Mail’s Chief Customer Officer said of the report: “We are very pleased to see the postal service getting high scores for customer satisfaction. Our postmen and women work very hard to deliver to 29 million addresses six days a week, and the Ofcom report shows how much that service is valued. We welcome the feedback on Delivery to Neighbour especially; this is one important way of helping us conveniently deliver parcels to customers, so it is very pleasing to see so many customers are satisfied with the service.”

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  1. This is good news, I understand that on the price only 67% are happy with the current price as the price keeps rising. That 33% have to understand that they have to post to every address in the UK and some places Royal Mail will lose money or just break even sending post to rural areas so that’s why the price has gone up. Blame the EU for there universal postal service guarantee and compared to everyone else they are still great value for money especially considering they treat mail with respect and don’t chuck them about all over the place like other depot companies. Have a look on youtube if you don’t believe me.

  2. Strange that Royal Mail are not up for any awards then at the postfest? I’ve not had a single PPI package go missing since the PPI account was opened at the time the limit was lowered to 1000 packages. And also timely delivery so well done Royal Mail. Yet I have had the odd Post Office stamped package go missing when the days shipments have not been sizable enough to justify the PPI admin. And also the odd Post Office stamped package takes longer to arrive. Seems to me based on my limited experience that for some reason users of Post Office services are at a higher risk of loss and delays than users of PPI services.

  3. My Australian wife sent a package of presents to a relative down under as a birthday present. The package was returned to our house two days before the relative’s birthday, because it contained a dangerous item – a 30ml bottle of perfume.

    The Royal Mail took the bottle of perfume and sent the rest of the presents back, after opening the birthday card.

    You’d think they would have forwaded the rest of the package as the airfair had been paid for, but no, they returned it to my wife. Now the package will have to be resent with the same items, minus the highly dangerous ‘Calvin Klein’ perfume at a cost to my wife.

    I would have thought the Royal Mail would have taken out the perfume and sent the package on after scanning it, imstead of send it back to my wife. Now her family member will wake up without my wife’s presents.

    What a marvellous service (sic)

  4. “Cambridge_Blue says

    You are badly misinformed as the USO has nothing whatsoever to do with the EU. False

    Indeed most of the EU has a lesser obligation that we do here in the UK with our frankly ridiculous commitment to provide a service 6 days a week to some seriously remote places. False

    It was originally agreed by Westminster and is renewed every so often. false

    Your analysis of the reasons behind these price hikes is also fallacious. False”

    1. The USO (Universal Service Obligation) is imposed by the EU as shown in the link below.


    2. Every country in the EU has the same minimum standards as shown in the link above.

    3. No the EU has sole power as European Law is supreme to British Law.

    4. My reason is not false, the cost of all letters and post is the same no matter where the post is going to within the UK or how far away. So therefore the cost is spead out equally around the country.

    5. I suggest you get a life and stop talking about things you know nothing about.


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