How much does it cost to sell on eBay UK?

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It’s funny to say this really, not least because eBay UK will be 15 years old in July, but only now has a really clear and really useful page been published by eBay on what it costs to sell on the site.

Find it here. It ably and clearly lays out the prices in a most cogent and easily absorbable manner.

It follows the most recent change in the fees which gives all private sellers 20 free listings a month.

I guess one reason why this has been so long coming is that it’s taken a long while, and a lot of good sense over the past 6 or 7 years, to greatly simplify the fee structure.

Whether it was FVF percentages based on sale price, category specific fee rates, the multitude of listing enhancements and the like or all manner of other complications…. it used to be near on impossible to answer the question above off the top of your head: “how much does it cost to sell on eBay?”

One thing this new page also does, with reference to business sellers, is provide very clear guidance on what level of Shops subscription you should have based on your monthly listings.

So this is a happy day. At last one single landing page that gives you the answers. I’ve already bookmarked it.

7 Responses

  1. this is just the financial cost
    what about the metal stress and cost of ebays us verse them ethos thats now developed between buyer and seller caused by ebay policies

  2. Private sellers who have an ebay store receive a FVF discount of 20% or more and are not included in the defect scheme. Surely it should be business sellers who benefit from this discount, not private sellers, and private sellers only who should be in the defect scheme, not business sellers?

    Slightly twisted logic on the part of ebay here.

  3. Finally- an easy-to-understand place for all our fees information. THANK YOU! Seriously.

  4. I used to sell a lot of items low start price of 99p at 6p fee each. Now at 35 p each I shall have to stop. I do this as a private seller. So an increase of 580%, am i mistaken? Or being ripped off?

  5. It’s still too expensive and time consuming for your average joe. Search buries non giant sellers and the days of money for old rope are long gone. Auctions don’t achieve the prices and bids that they used to . I think people are opting for car boot sales or gum tree for larger items , plus postage has nearly doubled in the last 3/4 years


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