PayPal expand Buyer & Seller Protection

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PayPal featPayPal have just emailed their customer base with links to a new microsite detailing their new Seller and Buyer protection updates. The highlights are:

From the 17th of June disputes can be opened by buyers for up to 180 days (was 45 days).

You’ll need to keep your proof of deliveries for 6 months instead of a month and a half!

UK buyer protection for services, digital goods, travel, event tickets and other intangible items

You need to be able to provide “compelling proof” that you supplied the item. PayPal give the example “if you sold a music download, you might consider providing proof that you sent the buyer the link to the download and proof that the buyer accessed the download, giving dates and times

Reminder that PayPal expanded their Seller Protection Policy for unconfirmed shipping addresses

You can sell anywhere in the world and you’ll still be covered regardless of the shipping address the buyer provides, so long as you follow the normal PayPal requirements and only ship to the address on the PayPal payments page.

No limits!

PayPal are very proud that there’s no limit to the value of each transaction they’ll protect. They say that PayPal are the only major payments provider in the UK to offer this kind of seller protection at no additional charge.

The detail

As always we recommend that you read all the information for yourself and check what applies to your business. Full details on the PayPal site.

17 Responses

  1. Have Paypal been made to offer 180 protection by any legal judgement? It seems overly generous and seems open to abuse.

  2. Extended disputes to 180 days could only be spun by ebay / paypal as seller protection; share price down again so must be time to beat the sellers with another stick. They seem committed to driving away the very sellers that made ebay a success whilst protecting their diamond sellers who will drop them like a stone when sales fall. Couple this with the fall in auction format listings by 9% I think they have lost sight of what attracts buyers to ebay as a venue, a wide range of interesting products, not generic mass produced tut and their hell bent driving away the very sellers who list it with JD’s “mall” vision. The likes of Etsy, Ruby Lane etc must be rolling around laughing at each and every new announcement from ebay towers….

  3. This needs to be partnered into ebay surely. If so then surely we may as well all state 180 days for buyer returns as well. Because since when was the last time a seller won a case?

    Its a bit sad, because if a zip on coat broke, after 35 days from a high street seller no refund. But if it broke after 180 on ebay/paypal you can return.

    In the end free returns, 180 day returns, free blowies every order. Simply make me keep bumping up the price of the goods for sale. As it adds to my bottom line which is already not huge.

  4. As if fighting fraud with eBay wasn’t hard enough, who is going to be able to prove delivery or not SIX months later.

    I’ve just checked various Royal Mail and Fedex tracking numbers, and even where the items are sent tracked, after 5 months the numbers aren’t all on the systems. As for untracked goods, the volume of INR claims after 4 to 5 months will go through the roof.

  5. Pretty sure the limit for filing RM claims is about 60 days…so how are you supposed to file a claim if the buyer decides the item got lost 180 days later?!

  6. Surely we have available a system already that could partly alleviate the problems. That is the much maligned Feedback System?

    I have always liked the Feedback system because when a customer leaves Feedback on a particular transaction he/she is confirming that the goods have arrived and are in a good condition. So if say 50% of customers were to leave Feedback it has to be just about impossible at some later date for those customers to register an INR. I have not done a full analysis of my Feedback but a rough examination of the last couple of months indicates that about 75% of my customers have left Feedback..probably because I ask on my paperwork for them to do so. And as I am running a steady 100% and have been for a long time I must be doing something right.

    In my case I file a copy of my paperwork and I staple the Proof of Posting to it. So I have almost all my proof of postings filed since I started.

    So if I did get problems surely it would be amongst those that did not leave Feedback rather than potentially from ALL of my customers?

  7. Theres no such thing as “seller protection”. Its a myth thats sold to sellers to get them to go along with the nefarious, devious and mostly illegal plans that eBay and Paypal cook up.

    One also must remember that PP isnt a credit card company. They are simply a “merchant processor” – you can be one too if you get a terminal (real or virtual) from a bank to accept credit cards.

    PP if this was “The Sopranos” are the leg breakers/enforcers for eBay. That is why they discourage/disallow most other payment methods – since if they allowed them, they’de have no control over you.

    eBays goal in life is to seperate you from the money in your wallet – NOT to run an ecommerce company. Just look at the rules/issues they choose to create and enforce – its plainly obvious except the most obtuse eBay/PP chearleader.

    Only eBay/PP could spin 180day returns/disputes into “Seller Protection” …. how is any seller being protected? Sellers can get negatives, low DSR scores and even “Defects” even if the PO says the item was delivered. How does letting buyers open cases 6 months later against sellers protect them against ANYTHING ?

    Like VERO and “Trust & Safety” this too is the boogeyman., the Loch Ness Monster, Yeti or Big Foot – myth, legend and not fact.

    Ecen if one was to blame Visa & Mastercard, ie new requirements from them – PP has all this data (delivery daa) in their system already – its a sham to put the onus on sellers.

    Beyond that, 180days is simply abusive. 5 is more then adequate to solve issues – if you dont know that your toaster is broken by the 45th day – then you will never know it.

    There may be specific rules for items that are promised in advance (ie concert tix for gigs 6months later) but those are the excpetion and NOT the rule.

    This is simply another case of eBay who swears in French Courts tha they are “just a venue”, but still force the leg breakers at PP to make a sellers life miserable and open them to and expose them to fraud, deceit and abuse “just because”.

    Shame on you PP, shame.


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