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Are you struggling to make sense of your eBay defect reports? Do you just love the CSV download that eBay provides or would you prefer a more visual way to view defects?

eBay Defect Report ViewerThinkspring Interactive has the solution with their free eBay Defect Report Viewer. All you need do is simply download your defect report from eBay’s seller dashboard and upload it to the eBay Defect Report Viewer and the web-based viewer will transform your report into something a little more visual and a whole lot more pleasing to the eye.

The eBay Defect Report Viewer won’t make your defects disappear but, if you want to ring up eBay and try to appeal your defects, it will give you all the pertinent information at your finger tips and for sure beats trying to read lines in a spreadsheet application.

The eBay Defect Report Viewer is free to use, totally gratis with not even a sign up required. Try it today and let us know what you think. Here’s a video of how it works and if you can’t figure out how to download your defect report full instructions are also available.

21 Responses

  1. Hasn’t worked for me 🙁 I just get a spinning circle in the results page after uploading the file… Anyone else?

  2. Sorry to hear that Simon! Here are a couple of things you can try:

    1). Be sure not to open/save the .csv file in Excel, as that can corrupt the .csv file structure.

    2). Re-download the .csv from Ebay and try it again.

    If you are still not seeing any results, it would be great if you could email the .csv file to me so I could take a look. It might reveal an unforeseen issue in the report structure, or a special case that is happening in your report for some reason. My email is thinkspring (.at) gmail (.dot) com.

    I appreciate you trying out the tool, hopefully we can get it working for you!

    Greg (tool developer)

  3. Just tried and worked for me.
    I get to get all wound up now B-)
    Seriously though great little app.
    Saves having to try and go back through all the information manually.

  4. Don’t suppose there is anyway to get a link that would goto to the ACTUAL transaction using the number in the CSV.
    Just had a look at a URL and something like this seems to work as long as you are logged into ebay.
    REPLACE {{TRANSACTIONIDHERE}} with transaction id and {{ITEMID HERE}} with ITEM ID

    k2b-bulk.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?EditSalesRecord&transid={{TRANSACTIONIDHERE}}&urlstack=5508|Period_Last122Days|searchField_SalesRecordNumber|pageNumber_1|currentpage_SCSold|searchValues_121468|&itemid={{ITEMID HERE}}#sale

  5. Many thanks to Greg!
    – looking at your site, were you part of fairlight group?
    if so i owe you much larger thanks, and probably curses, for helping to waste half of my youth (and much of my current)!

  6. Fairlight? Never heard of ’em! 😉

    Unfortunately I can’t claim anything that awesome. Like you, I burned up a nice chunk of my youth mesmerized by audio & visuals from groups like them. Demos & intros had a huge influence on me were a big reason I chose programming & musical paths. To me, folks like that were true digital artists and pioneers.

  7. Judging from the comments, sounds like a good software but I don’t want to dampen anyone’s sprit.

    Its useful if you can identify and call eBay to remove unjust defects but now they have flatly refused to remove any defects and are saying that these errors were taken into consideration when allowing 2% allowance.

    So what is the point in looking at the defects which will only make your blood boil and give feelings of helplessness. Any good seller immediately revises the listing and looks for improvement upon receiving any comment or when case is opened etc.

    I made a list of numerous defects which I was 100% sure that these will be removed as customers admitted opening disputes in error, customers hitting back when we politely explained we are unable to change shipping address and some even item not as described cases where customers asked a simple question on use without reading instructions or how to return it as I’ve changed my mind..

    Out of received defects, 20% we cannot dispute as there were issues with items or delivery but rest of 80% are all unjust ebay channeling and deliberately leading customers to opening disputes when they don’t intend to.

    Elderly and less computer savvy people number is quite high. I had one elderly customer yesterday on the phone asking did you get my message I just sent? We told him it was a dispute and he kept apologizing till the last minute. Good thing was that he said that from now on he will call and buy direct.

    I am getting to point where I don’t want to be reminded of eBay’s unjust attitude every day. This good and excellent software will exactly just do that.

  8. Greg,

    Any chance you can try to run your own report again? When I try to run my report (as shown in your video, which worked just last week), I get a nice note saying “Congratulations! As of August 20, 2014, none of your transactions over the most recent evaluation period have defects.”

    Yet I know my DSR isn’t perfect, especially when you look back 12 months.

    Not sure if it’s just a glitch since it’s D(SR) Day?

  9. Hi Chris,

    I’m betting it’s a glitch on the Ebay side, unless you truly haven’t had any defects in your evaluation window. Are you in the 3 month window (selling more than 400 items every 3 months?)

    I read your blog post and it sounds fishy that Ebay themselves are saying that you should be able to see the data, yet you can’t see it. Maybe they really are restricting report delivery based on the evaluation window, but to me that would be kind of shortsighted on their part.

    Hopefully it’s a glitch and you will be able to see your report again before too long.

    Here is a wild, speculative theory: maybe general confusion over the defect reports led to a decision to remove them for people who “don’t need them”, i.e. haven’t had defects in the past 3 or 12 months (whatever their evaluation window is). That seems unlikely to me though.


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