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Scurri LogoIt’s Monday morning and I’m guessing that one of the most time consuming jobs today for many Tamebay readers is producing their shipping labels for all the orders that came in over the weekend. Cutting and pasting names and addresses into Royal Mail or courier software is not only tedious, but it’s also where mistakes can happen, so today we have an exclusive three month free trial from Scurri, for Tamebay readers who want to automate the process.

Scurri is a relatively new service which aims to save you time and take away the burden and automate production of your shipping labels and invoices. The Scurri delivery management platform software imports customer address and order details from eBay (and an ever increasing number of other channels) and automatically creates approved shipping labels for a wide variety of carriers.

This automated process eliminates any double entry of your data, reducing the processing time required for dispatching shipments significantly and also reducing erroneous address data. Powerful and customisable shipping rules allow users to pick the appropriate shipping service for their customer and makes shipping simple for merchants whether they are using one or many shipping carriers to deliver their products.

Carrier Integration

If you want to use your existing carriers, or start to use new ones, Scurri’s software links direct to most of the main national and international carriers. This means you’ll no longer need to pay developers for integration each time you change, or spend hours exporting, formatting and importing orders into each of the carrier label generation systems.


CN22Instead of having a printer and PC setup for each of your parcel carriers all you now need is a single printer and any PC or Mac with a modern browser to manage your deliveries with Scurri. You don’t need to learn how to deal with lots of different complicated label generation systems, just the simple, easy to use Scurri Software which was designed with simplicity in mind. You can print all the different labels you require with a click of a button using the one printer. It doesn’t matter what type of printer you use, Scurri can support it. They’ll even print your customs labels as well!

Batch process orders in the way that you want to work

Scurri have put a lot of thought into how you may want to work. Do you want to print out all your orders shipping with your courier first and leave your Royal Mail deliveries for later in the day? Do you want to handle all your International orders in one go? Do you have multiple warehouses and want to print your orders for each location separately, or perhaps you want to handle multiple item orders at a different time to easily fulfilled single quantity orders. Scurri will let you filter your orders and work in the way that suits you best.

Scurri Screen Shot

Free Trial

3 months freeScurri are offering a limited amount of Free accounts for 3 months to exclusive to Tamebay readers.

All they ask is you give them some feedback and let them know what you think of their service. If you’d like to trial the service simply sign up on the Scurri Tamebay readers page and start using automating your label printing today.

9 Responses

  1. Looks nice and neat but the public pricing is totally off the scale for a relatively simply one function application like this.
    Most decent order management/inventory systems can already do all if not most of this already as part of their embedded functionality.
    This may be ‘better’ in some way but £200 per month will buy you a lot of software that does a great deal more than this offering.

  2. I agree it looks very expensive for a service which is free on some other sites. Parcel 2 go and even eBay itself to name just 2. Surely scurri are getting a commission from each parcel sent which would make them some money and if not I think that would be a far better business plan than charging a monthly fee.

    Or maybe I’m just too small scale to have ever tried to print 100+ labels at the same time to know the value of this service!

  3. Hi Mark,

    When you give it a go for a while I would love to hear your feedback myself.


    CEO/ Founder


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