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3 for freeeBay have an interesting promotion running, selected private sellers can have up to 100 free listings so long as they add at least three photos to their listing.

It’s an invitation only promotion, so check your eBay My Messages to see if you’ve been invited to participate. If you have then the promo runs over this weekend and ends at midnight on Tuesday.

The promotion is for both Fixed Price and Auction Style listings with a few restrictions such as excluding Cars, Motorcycles & Vehicles and Property categories, so check the for full details.

I like this promotion, more images is definitely a better buying experience and there are very few products for which it’s hard to find three suitable angles to take a photo. Bigger and better images and more images are always welcomed when I’m buying and with up to 12 free gallery images for free there’s no reason not to make use of them.

Full details on the .

4 Responses

  1. This is looking a bit desperate. Is new listings volume down? I guess this will encourage the 99p clutter and garbage under the stairs. All it does is create more crap to wade through in search results. Selected to sell garbage, lucky some!!

    If something is worth selling people will happily pay the listing fee and you don’t need a “promotion”. All this does is clutter this site with rubbish from “hopefull cheapscates” who won’t pay a listing fee because they know their item is crap and probably won’t sell.

    When will eBay learn that this does nothing for “buyer experience” and scrap these stupid “promotions”?

  2. Good point. I hadn’t considered the retail therapy aspect.

    Note to self: Rummage through shed and attic to find any old crap to sell so I can soak up all those idle PayPal funds! 🙂

  3. One minute they are suggesting there are too many sellers and releasing policies to reduce trs and drive small sellers away, then at the same time they are offering incentives to list items . It doesn’t make sense


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