eBay UK Seller Release: Seller Protection

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eBay are introducing with two goals in mind: To simplify the after-sales experience for both buyers and sellers and to introduce new processes and safeguards for sellers. The main changes are:

Wider defect removal policy

eBay have updated their policies to introduce a new larger defect removal policy which is replacing our current Feedback removal policy. This is to enable defects to be removed in certain cases.

Simpler cancellation process

If a buyer contacts a seller about cancelling a transaction, the seller can initiate a cancellation. By selecting ‘buyer-requested cancellation’ this won’t count as a defect. Sellers can also cancel a transaction if they can’t fulfil the order for whatever reason. This will still count as a defect.

This means you will no longer have to wait for a buyer to agree to a cancellation and risk them clicking the wrong button. When you as a seller cancel an order that’s it, done!

Enhanced identification of high-risk buyers

With large-scale automatic detection systems, eBay say that they monitor millions of transactions a day. When a buyer violates eBay policies, they may restrict their buying activity or block them from our site. eBay will remove any defects a seller may have received from a high-risk buyer.

You’ll be able to monitor removed feedback and defects in your seller dashboard.

Non-defect after-sales contacts

Buyers can now initiate all after-sale requests from their My eBay purchase history. That includes any questions about the item, delivery, or requesting a return or refund.

These changes should reduce buyers selecting the wrong option when returning an item and allows them to ask a question about how to use the item without causing a defect. This is something many sellers have been asking for. Informed buyers have also been confused over how to contact a seller as many times they have a question but are aware that it could trigger an unwarranted defect for the seller.

eBay Recommend

Automatically manage unpaid item cases with the eBay Unpaid Item Assistant tool. This saves you having to have any contact with defective buyers – eBay do all the chasing for you and if they don’t pay the unpaid item is closed automatically in your favour.

Give eBay feedback and Report a Buyer if someone’s violating our policies.

Keep track of how you are being protected in your Seller Dashboard.

eBay’s protection for you

Protection if a buyer doesn’t pay – automatic with the Unpaid Item Assistant tool.

Automatic protection from defects when an eBay Money Back Guarantee case is found in your favour. Sadly this does mean you have to wait until the case is escalated to eBay which isn’t a great experience for either the buyer or the seller.

Automatic 5-star Detailed Seller Rating for postage when a you offer free postage.

2 Responses

  1. Hi, if they really want to protect sellers why penalise us when we are left vicious unwarranted feedback. Sold an item buyer bought without checking sizes which were clearly shown in auction insisted on refund as she had made a mistake’ which was given . Leaves me negative feedback saying I am unreasonable. Affects my 100% ratings and eBay does not want to know. Why are they continually pillaring sellers. Buyers now have more rights on eBay than buying anywhere else. They Can even buy items for 29 days use them and abuse them render them unsellable and still get their money back. Ridiculous !

  2. I’ll say this Ebay have definitely reduced the number of bad buyers and chiselers, but that is all I can say. Aside from that no decision I make to refund is made with any other reason than to avoid negatives, usually very undeserved at that.


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