Is eBay having glitches today?

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eBay BugWe’re getting reports that eBay is down this morning (and it’s not a Friday so it can’t be a maintenance issue).

Currently from Tamebay HQ we’ve had no problems viewing the site, but DownDetector has had several thousand hits in the last hour.

Is eBay down for you or is it up and working? Have you had any site issues at all today?

Edited to add: eBay have told us “We are investigating reports that certain eBay features are intermittently unavailable or slow and we apologise for any inconvenience caused

We have also had a few reports (on phone, twitter and Facebook) that Tamebay is also down so we suspect it may be a wider Internet issue that’s causing the problems this morning

Update 2

BT Broadband may be the root cause of the issue

BT Service StatusIt looks very much like this may be a BT issue. You can check the broadband status in your area by visiting the BT Service Status website and clicking on “Broadband and email”. Even if your ISP is not BT it may still be causing you issues as many providers use their networks.

Of course, whilst the ongoing BT Broadband issues caused by weather may well be causing the problems for some, there may still be other problems preventing others from viewing eBay.

Update 3 (1:10pm)

eBay post announcement

An , although it’s dated as 10.16 this morning (possibly it’s been stuck in the glitch for a few hours?).

The announcement acknowledges the glitch and suggests attempting to complete transactions later if you’ve been able to get as far as logging on and trying to make a purchase.

Update 4 (1:26pm)

The issue is fixed

eBay have to say “We are happy to confirm this issue has been resolved. We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience“.

Update 5 (1:36pm)

Statement from eBay

eBay just told us “Some users experienced problems accessing eBay in Europe from 08.55am BST until approximately 12.40pm. Our technical experts immediately investigated potential causes including third party internet service provider access issues. All eBay sites are working normally and we are sorry for the inconvenience“.

The wording of eBay’s statement does tend to strongly suggest the ISP issues are to blame rather than a problem with the site itself which explains why access was so patchy across the country and the EU.

Update 6 (3.24pm)

It was the Internet, not the eBay site itself

eBay have just told Tamebay “Some users experienced problems accessing eBay in Europe from 08.55am BST until 12.33pm. All eBay sites are now available to all users and throughout this issue users who could access the site were able to trade normally. eBay’s technical experts identified this was due to upstream Internet Service Provider (ISP) issues and bypassed the problem to restore access as quickly as possible. We take these issues very seriously and apologise for the inconvenience“.

122 Responses

  1. It’s been down for me since around 9am. Can’t get on, or Got to love eBay they are awesome!

  2. Yep, Ebay’s down for me. Has been since 8:50 and onwards. Twitter seems to say so too.

    FYI I’m with Virgin Media… just in case it’s a broadband thing again.

  3. Down for me too. Since 8:58am, I’ve spoken to two other people on different networks who had no problem, but I can’t get it on two different ISP’s or via mobile data connection.

  4. Its out for me as well. I tried to log on to check to see if anything is happening nothing.

    It cannot be because of the Free Listing Weekend because that ended at Midnight last night. So perhaps somebody has forgotten to put 50p in the meter.

  5. Down for me since around 9.00am.

    Have spoken to CS (Dublin) who initially said site was ok. Pointed him to ‘Down Right Now’ where a number of users seem to be disagreeing with him! is reachable until you try to sign in.

  6. On Aol here in deepest Suffolk and can get all the other usual sites but not been able to get on Ebay since about 9am.

  7. Yep its down for me. I’ve bought a car but I’m waiting to receive the address to where I’m supposed to pick the car up so I’m panicking in case the seller thinks i don’t want the car!

  8. I still have a connection to eBay on all browsers but my friend who lives 200 yards away in the same street as me has called me to say he has no connection. We are both with Virgin but I know we are on different servers.

  9. I wonder if this is a DNS issue? Those with problems might like to try opening a comand prompt, typing ipconfig /flushdns, then hit enter, then try again.

    I can’t test this as it’s working just fine for me!

  10. I suspect a DNS issue. Earlier this morning ebay was resolving very oddly.

    Paypal was having issues too, but it seems to be working now.

  11. I can’t log on either but got Ebay and Paypal emails showing I sold something at 10.17 so I know somebody in Grange-Over-Sands still has a connection. Well that’s me £2.95 richer!

  12. Quick runaround fix is if you use 3g or 4g on your mobile it works, don’t know about ipads etc

  13. I’ve managed to access eBay and login using 3G on my mobile – doesn’t work with wifi etc though….

  14. ebay down here too. I’m on virgin media. Have heard from a friend who is on viirgin at home and can’t get access, but at work has BT and it’s working fine.

  15. using virgin mobile- able to log on
    virgin adsl running on bt wholsale exchange ebay times out

    Reports across various forums and news feeds saying ebay is down.

  16. Been down in Aberdeen since 09.00 today. We are Tiscali/ talk talk . All other internets we use regularly seem ok Google, Delcampe, M&S, BBC etc etc .

    Most frustrating as I had stuff photo scanned ready to list this Am before work

  17. If it’s not an eBay issue, why is only eBay affected? All other sites running normally. eBay can’t be accessed on laptop or mobile, across multiple browsers. Can’t access, .com, .ca, .fr, or .it.

    Nothing from eBay yet either?

    Can’t contact eBay as a PIN is required on the phone or we are cut off. We’ve got hundreds of orders waiting to ship and no info at all. Stranded!

  18. Ebay dead as mutton via SKY “Web page not available”, for searches, messages, myebay.
    All other broadband is fine.
    (It’s 11.26 , not 10.26)

  19. Chris – I think that your UPDATE 2 re BT Broadband is a total red herring.

    Everybody that I have contacted has confirmed that their only issue is with access to eBay.

  20. I’m on the Cambridge/Norfolk border on a Sky connection, and can’t get on eBay here either, but of course Sky use BT infrastructure. I tethered to my mobile and it worked fine.

    Incidentally, I couldn’t reach TameBay earlier either – but that’s probably because it’s the only place to find out what’s going on – eBay sure as hell won’t tell us!

  21. No eBay in North Wilts since 9am, 3g or broadband. Internet otherwise not affected. Talktalk.

  22. Its only ebay – been unavailable here in Liverpool since 9am & its now 11.28 am – no problems with any other sites. ONLY EBAY.

  23. I can’t get into eBay UK today. Am on TalkTalk Broadband. All othe sites I go to banking, Amazon, Facebook etc all OK!

  24. ebay down since 8.30 am (currently 11.37 am), using virgin media.
    Ebay is working on one of our other offices which is using BT.
    All other websites are working fine for both BT and VirginMedia.

  25. Hi everyone, this is the latest service status from virgin media.

    There is a fault disruption.
    If youre having issues connecting to various external websites, thank you for being patient and sticking with us while we work out the problem and fix it as quickly as we can.
    Fault Reported on : 10:06AM Tuesday 12 August
    We have identified the problem and an engineer is on their way.
    Fault reference: F003237826
    Estimated Fix time : 01:45PM Tuesday 12 August

  26. eBay is not loading for us on our computer. But loads fine on my mobile phone using the same internet connection. Not sure why.

  27. eBay charges so much in fees from its sellers. They need to get their act together and invest in better servers and security

  28. Lots of problems accessing a lot of different pages on eBay at 12:00 in Edinburgh, our provider is Virgin and yes, we are only having this problem with eBay, not with any other sites.
    By the way, not one single sale today yet, which had NEVER happened before in about two years trading.

  29. We are still getting sales, but causing havoc as sales of items on other marketplaces can’t be removed from sale on eBay. It seems like taking our Amazon listings off sale as well may be our only option.

    Does anyone have any explanation for this?

    eBay are silent (or terming a huge problem with the site as ‘intermittently unavailable.

    Things break, fine. Security gets breached, it happens, but why no information after 3 and half hours? Though it is typical of eBay’s service to it’s sellers in our experience.

  30. Mobile phone on the ebay app states it appears you have lost network connection,
    Also when going on mobile without the app it states
    Server can not be found

    Been on hundreds of other sites on Laptop,iPad,PC but ebay is definitely down here in Cannock whatever we use.

    On with Sky

  31. You can’t get onto the main eBay but you can get onto the community boards where everyone is moaning and groaning !!

  32. EBay says this on Facebook page.

    Due to a technical issue, some eBay customers may notice a problem with key areas of the eBay site .

    We’re working to solve this problem and apologise for any inconvenience.


    The ebay Team

  33. 12.20 p.m and still cannot access ebay . Are ebay going to apologise on our behalf when we receive negative feedback cause we can’t get our orders out on time.

  34. Use Hola extension for Chrome or Firefox & ebay UK is fully accessible & functional – without Hola still no access.

  35. Right Oh then…Off to pub for a LONG lunch, no use sitting here waiting for these pillocks to sort out their site
    Anyone coming, I will get them in

  36. Ebay off all morning here , Though managed to pull my orders off paypal around 11am after problems there too!

  37. Still not up but managed to log in and here is how.

    Open google chrome, and type zenmate in search.
    click on first site “Chrome Web Store – ZenMate”

    Download and log in eBay. Working fine via google chorme zenmate but not anywhere else.
    Good Luck

  38. I am in Portugal and not been able to get onto any eBay sites or tame bay. I can use my mobile hence this message. My office in uk can’t log on either.

  39. still no access to ebay here in Norfolk (12.58), but as we all have 6 fingers per hand (high 6!)and generate electric with animal droppings we are probably not that high on the list of places to be sorted first 🙂

  40. All Ebay sites (.com / .de / / .fr / were unavailable for me today also from about 9am for close to an hour.
    Once again no update form Ebay, Ebay would get thousands of “defects” per day for Communication if we were able to rate them.

    A while ago there were password problems and today Ebay disappeared from the face of the planet for close to an hour.
    Is this a serious company we are trying to work with?
    Of course, no appology for lost time from Ebay, no update on the announcement board. No compensation for lost business.
    I guess we should get used to Ebay getting worde all the time, as we gather defects!

    ps: The same applied for the Ebay mobile app.

  41. I think its the end of the world. No ebay in Northern Ireland since 8.50 . Thousands are lining the streets in Belfast.

  42. New Post on Support page:
    ” Due to a technical issue, some eBay customers may notice a problem with key areas of the eBay website. We’re working to resolve this issue and apologise for any inconvenience. Please try completing your transaction at a later time. Thank you. “

  43. Bad news and good news here in Leeds

    Bad news – Ebay is still not working.

    Good news – I am having quite a busy morning with Ebay sales, obviously the Ebay customer filters are not working. If I could only respond to messages and deal with the best offers I have received it could stay off all day for me!

  44. Am now back at last – sometime after the assurance given that ‘all sites are working normally’

  45. Its working here again. Wasn’t just ebay having problems. I couldn’t get into Autotrader either.

  46. It is an issue affecting routers. Apparently today for the first time, BGP routes exceeded 512000. Older routers could not handle this and acted a bit unpredictably. Not necessarily eBays routers (though possibly) but it could have been any router along the way to your destination.

    This issue has been known about for years – but the magic 512000 number came on quite suddenly. I suspect many na network admin did not have their eyes on the ball. Newer routers have enough RAM to handle this.

    It affected many isp’s and service providers.

  47. Tamebay’s ISP had the same issue… although the site appeared to be live for most people judging by the number of comments we had whilst eBay was down.

    They told us: “Today (Tuesday 12th August) we experienced a network routing issue between approximately 9AM and 11:30AM. This meant that some visitors in the UK and elsewhere in the world were unable to reach our network, including customer websites, our own website, email services and other services provided by us. It’s important to point out that this issue was sporadic and only affected a small number of people. For the majority of the world, services were accessible throughout.”

    Apologies if you were one of the few affected that couldn’t log on to Tamebay

  48. Typical Ebay blaming the ISP’s!! How is it I can access every other Site except Ebay? Perhaps with the Millions they take off Sellers they should invest a little more…………..

  49. I’m in the US, and I have more than one account. One of my accounts is having the log in problem where it acts like that account doesn’t exist at all. The other account, when I log in and do searches there are problems viewing some items and no problems viewing others. This is extremely frustrating, because my internet is working perfectly for EVERY other website. My guess is that ebay was hacked and they are trying to cover it up.


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