eBay glitching again? UPDATED

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We’re hearing that eBay are having some technical issues once again this morning. We’re a bit sparse on details as the site seems to be working perfectly well at Tamebay HQ, but others are reporting “Page Not Responding” issues.

This comes less than a month after eBay’s last issue, which turned out to be caused by upstream Internet Service Provider issues.

We’ll update you if we hear more news, but in the mean time please let us know in comments below if you’re having problems accessing or using eBay today.

Updated to add: eBay tell us that the glitch has been fixed, only “My eBay” was impacted πŸ™‚

Update: As of about 6pm this evening (Wednesday) it looks like this problem is reoccurring.

Update: 19:30. comment from eBay – “We are aware that some users may be experiencing problems when signing in to the eBay Site. We’re quickly working to resolve any issues and apologise for any inconvenience to our users.”

Update 20:30. comment from eBay – “Today, some eBay users are experiencing issues when signing in to the site. Based on our initial investigation, this appears to be the result of technical issues that occurred during scheduled server maintenance.

It is only impacting a portion of our users; most eBay users are unaffected. We’re working to resolve this issue quickly and will continue to keep our customers updated. We apologise for any inconvenience to our users.”

122 Responses

  1. The glitch only seems to be a problem when you click on “My eBay” link. We have 2 accounts, and one works fine, but the other has the glitch.

  2. I tried to bid for 2 items this morning and both times when there was only 2 mins to go ebay suddenly closed and when I opened it up each time the items had gone even though there was still time left in the auction. It was as if someone was watching what I was doing and was stopping me!?

  3. Even more weird as the items are not in the auction has ended list either. It is as if they never existed!

  4. ebay is defective again, ebay is becoming more unreliable by the day, this really isn’t good enough. What with password fiasco, data theft, lowering of after sales customer service due to effect of defects, broken search, glitch upon glitch, it’s getting beyond a joke. What do we pay our fees for? if we used their own defect system they would be kicked into the long grass long ago but still we soldier on, we need a national days strike (no-one uses ebay for a day) might make them wake up and fix the problems, then again we can all go and whistle in the wind

  5. My ID and my email address are suddenly not recognised on either of my accounts. They have properly messed up this time!

  6. Must admit thought sales were slow today but heh they have been slow for the last 6 weeks πŸ™
    My issue is the system is not letting me in at all just bounces back at me telling me my password is incorrect.
    i have tried to access through Firefox, chrome and even explorer but sadly to no avail.
    also it appears my links with 3rd party systems ie webinterpret & pryamid are no longer linked.
    How do ebay expect us to achieve there nightmare defect system when the system keeps crashing !!!
    Not impressed AGAIN !!

  7. None of our listings can be opened, come up in search but clicking on them goes to a search page saying no longer available and the login page says:
    The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading. Something very wrong again!

  8. I have tried several links plus Google but, when I try to log in, all I get is “This page can’t be displayed”.

  9. Ebay is not working at all for me right now. I have several auctions ending in the next hour and I cannot access my account. The app logged me out and when I try to sign back in, it tells me I’ve encountered a network error.
    I am able to log in to the website, but if I click on anything, a new page opens and says they are experiencing technical issues.

  10. Can’t access my account at all. What a mess!
    Just get a ‘This webpage is not available’ message. I can however access my other eBay account from eBay.com

  11. Down for me too πŸ™

    Don’t know if this is related, but just before it went down, I noticed that one of my sales had no information for the buyer (i.e. there was no buyerID attached to the sale, it was just blank – very odd indeed – and yet they have paid?)


  12. eBay dead as a doornail at the moment.

    It’s been getting progressively worse in the last hour.

  13. Won an item and tried to pay but cant. Says the seller has been suspended and then get an error page. Wont let me log in.

  14. I can not access my account. It doesn’tt exist O,O
    Tried to call ebay, and a recorded message answered
    “Ebay is having technical difficulties and can not take calls at this time”.

  15. I haven’t been able to add anything to my watch list all week! Then when I went to buy something today and bid on something, it completely shuts down and when I go to reload it, it says my its not working, the page cannot be loaded or my email address isn’t recognised, even though i’m still receiving updates of bidding items through the said email (which is not recognised according to ebay)

    its frustrating the hell out me, i’m just worried incase it affects anything i’m bidding on or have bought.

  16. I tried to log in and it said the password was incorrect, when i attempted to send a password reset i got the response saying that the email i registered my ebay account with was not linked to an account.

    Having contacted ebay support, apparently my account has just disappeared as have many other people’s accounts and they are working on restoring the accounts.

  17. Same problem here in Canada – can’t log in but my ebay displays ok, but doesn’t let you do anything else, items ‘no longer listed off .ca, .com and .uk.

    Want to increase a bid with not a lot of time left…

  18. 18:50 GMT in the United Kingdom. Unable to sign in to ebay, customer service confirm technical issues. This could be very difficult for sellers who’s auctions are ending and locking out bidders. Problems signing into paypal yesterday. This is becoming farcical !!

  19. Can’t list anything. Keep being asked to sign in and re-authenticate on Turbo Lister

    Ebay is CRAAAAAPPP!!!!

  20. Meanwhile I’ve had 4 sales on amazon in the past hour πŸ˜€
    Moving my full inventory over there in the next couple of months. Exciting!!

  21. SO frustrating! Have an item ready to ship and can’t access the buyer’s info. Also have another auction that’s ending shortly. What’s going on with Ebay???

  22. from canadianoutages.com – 3 September: Problems at eBay
    eBay is having issues since 1:10 PM EDT.

    that started trending here just short of an hour ago

  23. Same problems here but I kept a browser window open with my items listed and I can view individual listings fine but no other part of the site. Am getting update emails from threads I am subscribed to on the Ebay message boards too when new posts are made so people obviously have different levels of access to their accounts

  24. Mmmm odd… My first message disappeared! Ebay seem to be blaming the ISP’s yet I can access all other sites? Now they’ve allegedly been hacked again? Will I, as a Seller, who pays good money every month for a Shop + Fees get any kind of refund for their inability to correct ongoing issues? Will this Post just disappear too? ………………

  25. I just had a fairly large bid not go through, judging by two similar lots I bought off the same seller in the last few days seller is out Β£50+ and I haven’t got what I wanted.

  26. 19.08pm UK time. Being bounced out on iPad and Android phone apps and Safari and Chrome browsers. All showing the reason as variables of No Network Found or Network Connection Has Been Lost.
    At last possible log in, all data was erased. No bought, sold, watched items, all gone.
    Is this an eBay acknowledged issue?

  27. Seems to be coming back online now. Just had a best offer come through and I can log in again

  28. can access limted ebay but as soon as I press my ebay it comes up not connected yet I can access other sites this happened at 7.00pm when I tried to revise aselling item …any body have a similar problem ..hope info is not hacked ?/

  29. Ebay still does not work, have about 100 items ending in the next 30 min. It is so wrong……

  30. ebay shop does not exist is message I’m getting, can’t get into account via co.uk or via .com and when I did get in briefly this morning all feedback was missing.

  31. Can’t sign in… says my ID/password doesn’t exist. I try changing password but my “email address is not associated” with site.

    It would be professional if they took the time to indicate if we receive certain messages that they are having issues instead of hiding behind screens. NO WAY TO CONTACT EBAY WHEN YOU CAN”T ACCESS YOUR ACCOUNT !!! People go through stress thinking their account has been hacked. Especially since the recent ACTUAL HACK.

  32. Yes definitely down in the UK. Useless. Cannot log in, does not recognise me email address when I tried to reset (I don’t forget passwords though). And the kicker is that they just massively increased several of their fees in the UK e.g. 2nd category, sub-heading, Buy it Now etc. What a joke of a company – no wonder everyone is going to Gumtree.

  33. Error authenticating with identity provider for domain :EBAYUSER. Error message unable to connect to identity provider please try again after sometime

    I get the above when trying to sign in on the eBay app for android.

  34. Glad its not just me. It wouldnt let me log in. and than said my user name was invalid. right before that happened it wouldnt let me look at my friends listings or feedback. It sucks because i have orders i need to ship like today, and i cant get in there to do it. Maybe ill go though paypal but than Im taking shipping out of pocket.

  35. I can’t log on. When I try it says to check my network. My network and all other apps are running fine!

  36. Login issue on iPad app version

    When Using webpage eBay version , purchase list isn’t available to view

    When browsing the condition, new , used etc tab and the filters are not working either

    In honesty ebay is currently a mess, I hope someone is getting their ass kicked

  37. I can’t log into ebay either, I can view pages but when I try to log in to do anything I get problem loading page error. So I can’t actually do anything on ebay tonight.

  38. Ah well. I guess we just need to have the “school’s cancelled due to snow” attitude and kick back, pour a glass and relax. Calm those flickery digits!

  39. Was just able to log in through ebay.com and complete my purchase, got an email to confirm the order. Seems to have worked although it was charged in dollars though.

  40. Now it’s the turn of facebook – I get the message Sorry, something went wrong. We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can.
    If it’s like before, maybe eBay are not to blame, though the BBC article did suggest they were making changes for the 4th September.

  41. Hi I can’t log into my eBay it says my id user doesn’t exist! Or my email! This is at 9.15pm wed 3/9/14

  42. .
    My ebay is not saving sent emails.
    Had problems with pages freezing, when refreshed it make you sign in again..

    Someone/something out there on the www has a voodoo doll called ebay and keeps sticking pins in it….ouch, ouch…!!

  43. Ebay will no allow me to sign in.did get on site once could not respone to message then got locked out again.Been having problems all day.

  44. Got into my account for about 5 minutes but as soon as i tried to go into my sold items it asked me to sign in again and now im locked out again!!!….So frustrating!

  45. I too have experienced problems signing in similar to all of the above and yes it’s worrying how quick we forget it was because ebay was hacked last time and it is wise words from one of the above posters to change passwords etc makes me wish I hadn’t tried logged in as worried on opening my ebay account I have allowed a virus in that will leech my info from my usage online or hack my paypal account

  46. Got back into account again but cannot access some pages like watch lists, dashboard e.t.c, also my feedback still showing as zero, just seems to have wiped the lot…lets hope its also wiped any defects…Ha Ha!

  47. All our listings ended, low sales, less price, items did not sell with many watchers. Ebay seems to work now. Crap…

  48. Did anyone have any active auctions that ended today and disappeared? I had 2 sold items and they are no where to be found! They are not under my “sold” or “unsold” sections.. Hope they reappear!

  49. Ive tried logging on to ebay now and my password isn’t recognised??. When I try to re-set the password, it tells me my username or email address aren’t recognised or even registered with Ebay!??!. I’ve had an account for 7 plus years, and now can’t access anything or even contact them for help :-S

  50. We havnt received any orders into our system since 4.30pm this afternoon. Its now 11.15pm and it’s still down! Nearly 7 hours!!! This has literally cost us hundreds in lost profits and thousands in revenue.

  51. Been down like a lot of people since This afternoon 17:900 GMT, still can’t log in, still can’t access orders,have had items end, and I can’t print my orders to send items out tomorrow. Estimated loss so far, probably about Β£100.00,

  52. I rarely sell items on Ebay but put up an item yesterday with an asking price in excess of €200 – today I can not access the account and it says my email address is not recognised. If I click on the item from the email I got when the item was accepted it says the item has been removed or does not exist!!!!

  53. I recently purchased an item today.

    went to pay for it – i do not exist anymore!

    tried their live chat – no agents available (5008)!

    hopefully the seller understands when ebay FINALLY have this sorted!!! πŸ™

    absolutely raging.

  54. .
    I wonder how ‘selective’ ebay CAN be handing out the vouchers this time round…..!!

    And if that bloody Tony keeps grinning at me, I will shout loud…!!

  55. Working just fine this morning for at least 30 mins so far with no glitches (*crosses fingers*)


  56. This morning and it’s still not working. I currently can’t sign in because I apparently don’t have a existing account. Becoming a joke

  57. I’ve not been able to log in since Tuesday. It says my password is incorrect, when I know it is. I’ve tried on my iPhone and iPad. VERY annoying, seeing as I was waiting to bid at the last minute of some things which have now ended, and I also have a number of BIN and auction listings which are currently live.

  58. I had a car for sale and it disappeared with 2 minutes to go – no rush of bids at end – got message from buyer is auction still on ? – said yes as far as I know – he bids and wins with in last second – no last minute bids had over 1200 views and 142 watchers … I accepted bid because only right thing to do – also happy to pay sellers fee as long as ebay compensate me something – I lost out for sure .really unfair on people who came to view and myself who promised loafs of people auction would not end early.

  59. Here in the USA. Sunday,Sept 14,2014. Everytime I click a link in an auction, etc., connection is reset while page is loading. Can’t do a thing. Cleared All browsers. I.E. Firefox, Chrome. We’re dead in the water so to speak. I’ve discovered a thread forming about this reset thing on mozilla forums. Whether it’s ebay or browers or both….this isn’t good. SO FRUSTRATED

  60. Having issues with ‘Checkout’ on eBay today. Every time I try to click on ‘Buy it Now’ or ‘Checkout’ it just goes nowhere. Keeps display on the bottom “waiting for checkout.ebay.ca”, then times out with the message “Http/1.1 Service Unavailable”.


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