How will eBay be compensating sellers for the tech problems? #ebaydown

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Last week, many sellers reported that they were having difficulties accessing their seller accounts and processing orders over the course of several hours. At the time eBay said this:

““While many users were unaffected, we know any interruption for our users is frustrating. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused the buyers or sellers involved. We will credit sellers for fees related to listings affected by this and make sure their seller rating is not impacted by defects or the inability to upload tracking or print shipping labels. Affected sellers will be contacted by email in the coming days.”

We wrote about the problems last week on Tamebay here.

But what we’re curious about now is what action eBay has taken and whether you’ve been contacted with an offer of compensation for affected sales. So this is a plea: do get in touch when you hear anything from eBay because we are very keen to report it.

Updated to add: eBay have told us that they’re emailing affected users:

For several hours starting on Wednesday 3 September, some users experienced issues when visiting eBay. We acted quickly when the disruption began shortly before 6pm BST, and the issue was fixed for most users within two hours. Transactional issues were completely resolved for all users by 12:16am BST Thursday 4 September.

This service interruption was the result of a technical issue that occurred during scheduled server maintenance. The personal information of our users was not compromised.

While many users were not affected, we know that any interruption for our users is frustrating. Please know that as a seller with transactions impacted by this issue, we’ll be protecting you as follows:

• You’ll receive a credit for all fees for auction-style listings (except those that sold for a Buy it now price) and any fixed price listings without a sale (except 30-day and Good ‘Til Cancelled listings) that ended between 5:46pm BST on Wednesday, 3 September and 2:20am BST on Thursday, 4 September.

• If the affected listing was a free listing, you can relist it within 7 days for free, even if you’ve used all your regularly allotted free listings.

• Any transaction defects we can identify as resulting from this issue will be automatically removed and will not impact your performance record.

The credits will be applied to your account by 16 September and will be reflected on your next invoice.

We understand that this type of service interruption has an impact on your selling activity. We’re taking steps to prevent this from happening again and we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience.

As always, thank you for selling on eBay.

37 Responses

  1. Don’t believe a word about Ebay paying compensation.

    No contact and don’t expect any from Ebay, who hope it’s all going to die down again.

    My Ebay still has major problems 4 days on and I’m being told by CS that it’s because I’m using the wrong browser!!!

    With poor quality customer service like that, there will be no compensation.

  2. I am still having problems,since last night I have been unable to list anything due to the message invalid value flashing up every time I try to submit anything. My sales are down as from last week too,but hardly surprising.

  3. Our sales are up from a reasonable August, but this week into September are excellent, best all year.
    *touch wood it continues*

    Coincidence since the problems, I’m not sure?

  4. More luck than because of probs I would say Chris. sales are down for lots of sellers this past week or so. As a buyer also when I cant purchase an item i go elsewhere. Bad news all round.

  5. Compensation???


    Am I dreaming? Are you serious? No chance. Get real!! Will never happen. Daft timewasting thread.

  6. This is valueless speak from ebay. “Most users were unaffected” because most users don’t go on ebay every day. Compensation if a transaction was affected – so what?

    What about all those sellers like me who only took 20-25% of normal sales, or those in a worse situation who took none at all during this period? Are they not due some compensation too?

  7. My Orders have never been so bad, in fact the only orders I’ve had are from International Buyers. I spoke to CS rep this morning on live chat and she confirmed they are still having issues. It’s a absolute nightmare and no one to turned to regarding it either.

  8. I’m looking forward to the day I have enough online and offline alternatives to drop ebay. Worthwhile only for the marketing. I would be staggered if I got any compensation for their latest horror.

  9. Is anybody else having problems today with EBAY again?
    Keep getting “problem loading page” message every time i try to access it…Sunday 14th September 11.45 BST.
    All other sites are fine so i know its not a problem with my connection e.t.c
    If it is down again this is really not good enough EBAY!!!

  10. Not been here for some time, Note to myself, must visit more often!
    Note to ebay, get your bloody act together, stop ripping us small sellers off, and realise that we are your customers, not the people that buy off of us, they are our customers, and that you need to treat your customers with respect and honesty
    As for ebay offering compensation, thats a laugh, they only send an email out about these now numerous problems at least a week after they have happened, and of course its full of their usual pathetic excuses that do not tell us the real reason behind the problem.

  11. Cant believe this is happening again. The site is down and all product searches on the app fail. Seems to be a complete system failure.

  12. Every ebatty search/item link goes to a sign in page which hangs.

    I can access my selling pages.

    I have some high value auctions with bidding wars going on ending in the next 9 – 12 hours.

    The CTO just left – linked?

    Don’t fancy Google taking over eBay, more data-sucking.

    Love to see Apple get in to online auctions! 🙂

  13. Down for me too – so glad I downloaded my orders this morning into my order processing software so I can still pack and dispatch while it’s offline.


  14. Just managed to get in after many failed attempts, sales so far….. a big fat nothing today. This really is getting silly now for want of a better word. .

  15. Ditto. Was working OK around 10.45. Now zilch. Just managed to log in to .com after much waiting.. unobtainable. What kind of company is this?

  16. ebay still down, this is getting beyond a joke, as for compo, from ebay, ever, hahaha

    ebay used to care about its sales, only thing ebay cares about these days are lining their pockets so for giving out compo, will never ever happen

  17. Unable to log in, sales are rubbish, when is eBay going to put their finger out and invest some money on a system that works 24/7 ?

  18. I was selling 4 items one hour before the glitch but then it happened! I couldn’t get into ebay for the next two hours. I ca assume that potential bidders couldn’t bid on my items and so the sold for less than if there had been no problem. I am furious with ebay and the least the could do is not take any listing fees including any % of my final ‘sold’ prices. They are greedy beyond belief and won’t spend the money on decent tech support.


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