Trade Me adopts Splunk for Analytics

Many retailers and business from the UK and elsewhere are using Trade Me as a platform for cross-border trading to New Zealand,. The site also has a rapidly growing user base in its home country with nearly 3.5 million registered members.

Trade Me has more than three million listing each day, with over 100,000 users logged on at any given moment and that all causes a bit of a problem – how to better understand customer behaviour, bidding activity, popularity of listings and so much more

Ultimately improving service to Trade Me members and the bidding experience is key to Trade Me’s ongoing success and to do so they’ve announced they are now using Splunk Enterprise to help in these key areas, as well as analysing click streams and information from relational databases.

The Splunk platform allows Trade Me to monitor the massive amounts of data it generates in real-time, and present it in a personalised dashboard in a meaningful and actionable way. This allows the team to spot and address any error messages received by users immediately to ensure all listing are displayed correctly, all of the time. Splunk has already helped Trade Me solve an issue with image caching and the site now serves 10,000 images every second from a 60-million-image database with minimal problems.

If you’re interested in finding out how Splunk could assist you with business insights further information is available from their website.

As a side note, recently departed eBay Inc.’s Chief Technology Officer Mark Carges was recently appointed to the Splunk Board of Directors effective on the 9th of September.

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We applied to sell on Trade Me after reading previous articles on Tamebay but our requests were ignored. They don't want small UK sellers on their marketplace is my understanding of the situation.

A+ • 18th September 2014 •

I made the point here previously that Trade Me DO NOT ACCEPT ADS FROM PEOPLE OUTSIDE NZ & AUSTRALIA hello ???

Pete • 18th September 2014 •

Not sure why you're saying that Pete. Trade Me have made considerable effort to try and encourage international sellers to start listing on their site. They recently did a webinar with channel advisor to try and encourage more to move over. Could you provide proof please? As A+ said, they may be cautious about who they let on initially, only well established sellers. It only makes sense to be cautious when opening their marketplace to the world, they wouldn't want dodgy sellers putting off their user-base.

Tim • 18th September 2014 •

8000 feedbacks isn't much compared to a lot of bigger sellers but i wouldn't put ourselves in the dodgy sellers without track record category.

A+ • 19th September 2014 •