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Webinterpret logo newWebinterpret help thousands of sellers to get started with cross border trading. It’s never an easy job, especially and inevitably mistakes have happened in the past regardless which company is doing the translation and size and currency conversions.

Now Webinterpret has started to work on providing the highest quality foreign listings translation service possible for the future. We asked Tamara Aguilera, Quality Assurance Specialist who is working alongside another seven Quality Assurance team members on this project for more details.

Tamara, could you shed some light on what the Quality Assurance Team is working on?

Tamara AguileraQuality Assurance is the part of Webinterpret that takes care of listings translation quality. Our Customers already know that Webinterpret is a mix of human and machine translations that are provided by our software.

It is our responsibility to continuously improve the final results and make sure translated listings will sell.

What exactly do you mean by taking responsibility for the translations quality?

An example of one of our main tasks is to identify the most common issues that occur in translation. Then, after identifying them we make sure that those issues are solved and will not reappear. In order to achieve this we involve other Webinterpret departments such as developers, the natural language processing team and the support team.

Webinterpret Quality Assurance TeamRight now we are also working on conversion charts that are very important for those who sell clothes internationally via the Internet. We know that being very precise when specifying the sizes of clothes
or shoes is very important because when the sizes and measurements are correct and clearly visible within the listing it gives potential buyers more confidence to buy. With this in mind, Webinterpret has upgraded its systems so that sellers are able to set the conversion charts into the relevant international sizes for the country in which the sellers are listing.

Another very important aspect of our work is category mapping. In order to make sure that the categories match between each country we have to carry out manual checks. Even though these checks are very time consuming and demanding and require an understanding of the category specification we do them because they gives great results in terms of our customer satisfaction and the satisfaction of our customer’s clients.

You mentioned results of your work. Could you tell a bit more about them?

Yes, of course. I am glad to be able to say that we are already seeing real improvement, especially in the most important area of translation issues. Our main goal at the beginning of the project was to decrease the number of tickets that we receive from customers regarding issues with translations and we have achieved this and continue to work towards zero customer issues. Our whole strategy is about making our customers happy and satisfied while using Webinterpret.

What are the benefits that our customers can expect to see from the work that the Quality Assurance Team is carrying out?

I believe customers should see the differences in the next few weeks. They can already benefit from the new conversion charts system and, soon they will also enjoy an even higher quality of category mapping. When I say differences I mean improvements in areas such as communication with their customers and general functionality. In order to maintain good relationships with customers sellers must of course be able to understand them in the first place. We know how important accuracy, and quality are for our sellers and we have these constantly in the forefront of our minds when we are working on the translations.

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  1. “Just read this article and wanted to share my experience.

    In fashion retail, especially online, it‘s most important to give your customers exactly what they need the first time around.

    Customers will demand the same service and attention as they would get in a brick-and-mortar store

    We looked into different options to automate size conversions, but the results were the same every time.

    Another seller I am friends with once said:

    Imagine walking into a store, telling the lady to get you a pair of jeans 30/30, she smiles at you, mumbles something indistinguishable, leaves and returns with a pair that would fit an elephant. J

    Pretty much unthinkable…

    So, whenever we decide to sell something abroad – which is nowadays 60 % of our business – we make sure that listing quality is perfect right from the beginning. And for us that means let a real person with experience in fashion do the conversion and do the translation. Otherwise you do yourself and your customers no favours.


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