Death and Taxes from Seller Dynamics

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Seller Dynamics are this week adding their “Death and Taxes” revision to their marketplace management system. It’s seen by them as the point at which they can declare their cross border trade functionality, to all intents and purposes, complete. And it allows them to claim that the system is ready for even the largest of enterprise sized online retailers.

The introduction of their new VAT features gives existing, and potential users, the capability to monitor country specific VAT sales. With retailers obliged to register for VAT in EU countries if they breach the distance selling threshold for that country, the new features take away much of the stress of handling differing territories.

The use of default VAT rates, for each marketplace, ensures that the effort in configuring the system is kept to a minimum. And additional VAT rates, for special situations such as zero rated items, can be set up equally quickly.

SDsh tax profiles

The system accomplishes this through the use of “Tax profiles” where a tax profile is simply a way of describing and setting what the tax is and where it applies. This approach is in keeping with the “Pricing Profiles” that the system uses to allow retailers to set pricing behaviour quickly across multiple SKUs. With the ability to activate new VAT rate profiles automatically on future dates, any ongoing management should be relatively straightforward.

SDsh Amazon rates

“Users will find the new features easy to get to grips with”, according to Fraser Ingram CTO, “by sticking with our tried and tested profile approach it keeps the whole interface consistent – that has to be a good thing for folks.”

The Death and Taxes release sees Seller Dynamics add to an already long list of marketplace management features, including:- Repricing across Amazon, eBay, Fnac and Play, Order Management, Supplier management including best price selection, stationery creation, Margin controlled pricing control, Streamlined goods in to name but a few.

SDsh orders

Alex Ogilvie, MD, believes, “our technology and business model works for small retailers, right through to the big guys who need a robust, scalable system, with enterprise functionality. The pricing model is based on a percentage of GMV – so if we can’t supply what we say on the tin we don’t make money. That ensures everyone’s interests are aligned and explains why we have put so much effort into the support and account management side.”

With no set up fees, telephone support as standard and a minimum monthly fee of £20 the system is clearly positioning itself to remove any potential sales barriers. That said, the sales team are happy to offer additional paid for services to clients who need more support or who have more complex integration challenges.

A further release is already planned to continue the drive to attract the “bigger guys” – that one is aimed at adding a large new marketplace in addition to a considerable new logistics capability. Although the date hasn’t been announced, it is expected to be well before Christmas.

In the meantime we’ll have to be content with Death and Taxes. Their promo video has a suitably apt Halloween feel to it.

You can find out more at or call them on 01786 430076


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