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DSR ProtectionIt looks like it’s seller protection day at eBay. We’re hearing that a number of sellers are “consistently delivering exceptional service” to their buyers and so eBay have rewarded them by discounting a ton of their less favourable feedback.

In the instance we’ve been forwarding eBay upgraded 61 detailed seller ratings to five stars.

It’s always good to see eBay looking after sellers, we all know that some buyers are simply just too difficult to please so seeing the harsher than necessary DSRs they sometimes leave magically turn into the five star experiences we sellers know we provided is welcome.

Did you get the email? How many low DSRs have you had upgraded to five star experiences

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  1. I had that email on Monday, but have just received one today from ebay saying that the protection statistics were inaccurately displayed and I’ll receive another email in a few days with the correct stats…

  2. I had a similar “sorry we got it wrong we will send out a correction email in a few days” also. Maybe the ebay high ups said to the pen pushers “hold up you are protecting too many TSR’s and its costing us our Xmas bonus” which has caused mass panic among the pen pushers. What is the point of even bothering to have another go as sellers don’t have a clue what goes on at ebay towers anyway, probably didn’t even think that the original email was incorrect, and this admission hardly inspires confidence in their feedback system and monitoring!

  3. Hi there
    I’m Patrick, one of the so called eBay “Pen pushers”.
    I just want to update you on what happened here.
    These reports are computer generated and take into account many of the seller account protections that happen behind the scenes.
    On Monday we started sending this report to sellers that have received protection. For a small % of reports the computer system inadvertently swapped one statistic for another below it in the report. Once the team realised this they stopped sending the reports and corrected the error.
    In order to avoid confusion with some sellers receiving two reports we sent a follow-up email detailing what happened.
    Apologies for the error, this didn’t have any impact on the actual protections made and no data was inaccurate.
    Regards to all,

  4. “Apologies for the error, this didn’t have any impact on the actual protections made”

    We believe you ,we dont feel we really get much protection to impact
    to begin with , as its all data with no real effect

  5. They have made a serious error with ours. 4000 feedback and they wrote to tell us they’ve upgraded 902 feedbacks to 5 stars. Wow. that’s some doing, and we have seen our 4.9 out of 5 stars on all options, go to 4.9 out of 5. Really? Computer says no. Major error.

  6. Seems eBay’s errors are persistent as I got the email today, and I know it to be incorrect.

  7. We received three emails today from eBay regarding seller protection defects all relating to the same eBay account. None of the information was correct.

    The new eBay defect system is a total shambles. We sell a 50/50 split between eBay and Amazon and spend 90% of our time dealing with eBay stuff.

    We sell the same products, use the same staff, the same delivery methods and our defect scores are:

    eBay – 2.20%
    Amazon – 0.31%

  8. recieved this email a couple of hours ago. wonder if my stats will be correct or if ill recieve another!

  9. Just had a message from the buyer saying sorry it must have been a mistake leaving the low DSR as outlined in my earlier message here. So where does that leave me – he does say he will rectify if possible, but I bet he wont be allowed to. That’s a loss of top seller status – thank god I alternatives re sites to list my goods

  10. Interesting. I got that email also. Mine read:

    Thanks for consistently delivering exceptional service to your buyers. We’re here to provide you a marketplace where you can sell with confidence. That’s why we’ve taken the following steps during the past month to protect your account:

    Removed 6 transaction defect(s) from your seller dashboard
    Upgraded 896 of your detailed seller rating(s) to five stars
    Prevented buyers from prematurely asking for a refund or a replacement on 2 transaction(s) during the past 2 months

    All of my stars are sitting a 5.0/5.0 now.

  11. I got a similar email. But while I am grateful as I am a Private Seller it does not worry me much.

    However I also keep getting told by ebay to change the title of one of my listings. I sell Books. My Listing on each title is the one that the Publisher put onto the Book when it was published. In this case years ago. Yet ebay for some reason seems to have decided that the Publishers Title could do with revising.

    So far I have just ignored it. After all it was published so many years ago the Publisher and the Author might be dead by now and surely if I have to rename their Book I will have to contact them and ask their permission. Also as this Book has been known by this title since Adam was a young man surely if I change the title anybody looking for it under its historic title will not find it under the ebay approved version. So I am just going to ignore their demands.

  12. Got the email a couple of weeks ago. Ebay upgraded six of my low DSRs. THEY ARE PROTECTING ME!!!

    I had a total of 11 defects. I still have a total of 11 defects. All of my stars are still either 4.9 or 5.0 – we are only talking about 90 total ratings so 6 would have made a difference.

    It also probably would have kept me from now being Below Standard . . . with my 100% positive feedback.

    Seems like if anyone at Ebay who makes these decisions had ANY common sense, they would put in a safeguard that you can’t leave positive feedback and negative DSRs on the same transaction. Obviously, one of them is either a lie or a mistake!

  13. Defects add up, out of something like 1,417 transaction this I now have a defects rate 3.25% prior to the new system I was a TRS consistently for about 4 years, that’s having a defects rate below 2%, Most years I have 100% positive feedback this year I had one neg feedback. All in all I’ve actually sent out about 5 or six items, definitely well under 10 that were in fact defective. I sell high quality used film equipment my customers are by nature very critical and it is very easy to miss small inconsistency or small faults, I rarely do and I of course do my best. I have built up a very good reputation; I was informed that a buyer from Rome was recommended to use my ebay shop when asking for advice of where to buy in a camera shop in Rome. With the new system I will have gone from hero TRS to pariah in two or three months, that means I’ll be below standard and at risk of being thrown off this site after 8 years trading with a turnover of over £1,500.000 all within, given recent trends 4 or 5 month, I can do nothing about it apart from tear my hair out. I’m in many ways looking forward to getting out of this mad house and hope I can sell enough of my stock to clear my debts before this happens.


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