Could opting out of eBay Click & Collect affect Best Match?

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Over the past few weeks more and more small business sellers on eBay have been invited to start offering the Argos Click & Collect service on their eligible listings. We’ve written about this a lot and you can find out more in this recent post about the qualifying criteria.

I’ve had several conversations with sellers who have either already opted out of being included or are considering it. They all have perfectly plausible reasons for doing so: ranging from not wanting to make a change this side of Christmas in case it doesn’t go smoothly through to not needing it because all their parcels easily fit through most letterboxes.

But we’re in the dark on one consideration that might be critical to making the decision to opt-out of C&C: does it affect your Best Match ranking? That’s the search algorithm that determines the prominence of your items in eBay search results.

And we simply don’t know but it seems likely it might be one of numerous factors that might give you greater prominence and help you bob up the results. As I understand it, things like Free P&P, Fast & Free and Premium service play a part and with that in mind so might Click & Collect. But that’s a speculation.

So, unless you have a real objection to Argos Click & Collect it has got to make sense to stick with it for the time being and not opt out. Not least too because eBay are promoting such listings keenly.

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  1. We don’t offer this because our items are small enough to go through the letterbox.

    But don’t just opt in because of some vague threat of visibility, which is never properly defined anyway.

    Involving a third party in your business is always a risk, as any problems will land on you, not Argos.

    It may make sense if you sell larger items. But decide on what is right for YOU.

    Remember, sell products that people want at prices they are happy to pay, and you will succeed.

    Cut through all the rubbish.

  2. there should be no speculation or gamble with search results
    there should be a clearly defined outcome and exposure to each listing action
    no ifs or maybe

  3. Using Click & Collect should not have any bearing on your day to day business, all it does is offer the customer another delivery option.

    I couldn’t see why a customer would want to have the items sent to their local Argos to pick up, but since we have opted in, we have had a fair few sales go to Argos stores, including items that would fit through a letter box.

    To me, i see this as a free tracking option, well partially, as once it reaches Argos, there will be a record, as opposed to sending an item via 1st/2nd class, which may find its way back to the delivery office.



  4. “Free P&P, Fast & Free and Premium service play a part”

    Maybe they do, but Best Match is rubbish. I offer all these on 99.9% of my listings, with 100% feedback but regularly get beaten in Best Match by other sellers who do not offer any of the above and at a higher price, even when I trial using exactly the same title. According to eBay search results Best Match means seller offers a higher a price, worse service, and worse performance. I’ve even demonstrated to eBay examples where their so called “Best Match” is twice the price from an inferior seller compared to other sellers with superior service and pricing.

    Cassani was a waste of money – no wonder the top tech guy left – and Best Match is a travesty of a search option, damaging excellent sellers in favour of lesser competitiors, many not even in the same country.

    Why would Click & Collect make any realizable difference to this when all the other supposed features that should help make no difference.

  5. We have not yet been selected, although have over 1/4 million feedbacks. We want to have this option and eBay have informed us that we will be in the next batch of sellers selected. they have had technical issues ‘apparently’.

    We feel a good by product of this will mean Chinese sellers pretending they are in the UK but ship from Hong Kong will NOT be eligible, and we think that as they may sell less of a consequence they will slowly slip down best match, thus meaning UK seller rise up to the top.

  6. Well, at least this Christmas I can have family gifts go to Argos without having them seen on delivery even if they do fit through the letterbox. So if a buyer searches by click and collect your items don’t show in search that’s fine, sure your competitors will 😉

  7. I think a load of parents will use click and collect to hide prezzies from kiddies! Personally though, I have only used the service when that was the only free option.

  8. we think click and collect is about as good a sales hook as buy 2 for the price of 3 and get one half price


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