eBay UK predicts 30th November will be busiest shopping day of 2014

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eBay predicts that Sunday 30th November will its busiest shopping day of 2014 in the UK.

So forget ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’. ‘Super Sunday’ is expected to see eBay traffic soar as over 7 million Brits head to ebay.co.uk.

Here’s hoping they have enough 50p pieces for the meter over at eBay HQ in Richmond that day. With site stability once again glitching on Monday after several recent incidents of downtime, if eBay were to fall over on the big day (or indeed any day), it would be a major embarrassment. It’s not many Sundays since eBay experienced a long outage and failed to communicate with sellers during that time.

eBay UK estimates that 1,800 gifts will be purchased per minute from a selection of over 800 million items, worldwide. And the X Factor crowd will be crucial. Between 20:00-21:00 GMT shopping is expected to reach its peak.

Tanya Lawler, Vice President for eBay Marketplaces in the UK commented: “This Christmas, above all, people want convenience and selection. Online and multi-channel retailers are able to offer fantastic depth within their product ranges and combine this with convenient local collection services like Click & Collect – the perfect formula for today’s time-poor holiday shopper. With eBay, it’s never been easier to find the right gift from the millions of new and unique items worldwide, whilst sitting comfortably on your sofa at home.”

I have to admire eBay UK for being so bold with this prediction after some really shoddy days with regards to site performance. eBay UK head honcho Tanya Lawler gave Tamebay a statement about how important site performance is for her a few weeks back.

Another eBay tech fall over on Super Sunday would be a real blow for sellers and eBay alike. So, fingers crossed?

4 Responses

  1. Having the worst sales on ebay ever, and seeing the mounting complaints on the ebay forums, this will be an ebay figure massaging excercise. Whilst the small selleer cull goes apace, its interesting to see some of the big number sellers also complaining on the boards.

  2. Let’s hope that eBay UK Turn ALL Sellers on, and not just the outlets…. or actually maybe they mean “It will be the busiest day for outlets… because everyone else will be turned off”.

    I won’t be buying anything, because eBay is single underhandedly the ONLY ecommerce place, that makes it BUYER vs SELLER or SELLER vs BUYER. They seem to forget everyone is human and want to have us fighting each other in a defect/returns/feedback battle. (i.e what seller will want to help a buyer who left a defect for them?) Oh wait, you can ring eBay! Who will stick its nose in and tell you your a bad person and the defect remains. (Even though the buyer works 9-5 Mon-Fri and wants an item delivered to their home address, and admit “I am never at home Mon-Fri 9-5)…

    One day, hopefully, they will go back to being a venue, and understanding buyers/sellers are humans and should be treated as such.

    Argos and all you other outlets, ENJOY your day!

  3. judging by recent event,s i predict Nov 30th will be the biggest disaster for ebay sellers and buyers. How can anyone trust ebay to work properly anymore. Sales are already at a trickle. Anyway ebay is now known as Freebie Friday, Freebie Monday, Freebie Tuesday etc etc bring on those INR Christmas claims, can’t wait

  4. so that’s means that’s the date they will finally stopped messing about and the full switch is back on then thank god for small mercy’s if they can predicted a date that there is going to be a black Sunday then as we all thought and know site manipulation bet even Ebay has but a bet on the bookies The site will be 100% fixed on this date all servers will be on warp speed but I hold my breath worst years trading in 10 years and since sept ebays and still is a dead duck and you can only flog a dead horse so long.But do look forward the a fantastic sunday the 30th did they say this year?


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