Black Friday 2015: Amazon UK’s biggest day

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So, here in the UK, Black Friday is a thing now. UK consumers have taken to buying energetically on the day after US Thanksgiving and even getting into fist-fights in shops to bag deals.

Amazon have reported that Friday last, Black Friday, was their best ever day for sales in the UK. They sold 5.5 million products which means something like 64 items sold per second. Hopefully if you’re an Amazon seller, you saw some great sales too on the back of that frenzy.

Amazon’s VP EU Retail, Xavier Garambois, said: “Ever since we introduced Black Friday to the UK in 2010, sales have increased year-on-year but this year really has surpassed all of our expectations.

“The public’s appetite for Black Friday has been bigger than ever, kicking off the Christmas shopping period in earnest and establishing Black Friday as a fixture on the UK Christmas shopping calendar.”

So what’s next? Well, eBay have said that Sunday (Super Sunday) was going to be their biggest day. And as far as we can see they have managed to keep the site up and running without a fall over this weekend. So that’s good news.

Today Monday (Cyber Monday) will be a big deal too for all ecommerce. People who get salaries have been paid and we’re in the final stretch before Christmas. People are ready to spend. This should be the best week for online sellers all year.

How’s it been for you so far? Are you doing well out of Christmas 2014?

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  1. Yes thank goodness for Amazon ,they make me feel good about my products .
    Strange how ebay buyers don’t want my gorgeous products .

  2. We didn’t see any increase in sales on Ebay or Amazon on Friday – but then again we didn’t do any offers on those channels.

    However, a Black Friday discount code by Email to our customers meant that our website took 1 weeks takings that we normally do across all platforms just on the website – so although the margin was much lower – the overall profit value was well worth it. I just hope people keep buying in December.

  3. My first year away from DVD and now selling bike accessories and it would appear they don’t make great gifts as Friday was very average and I use FBA

    So this irritating American trend has taught me something else in addition to never wanting to step foot in a shop on this day ever again.

  4. In the past I haven’t seen any big change over this weekend, the big volumes being nearer Christmas. However, this year quite different. I only sell on ebay. Sales are up 50% on normal, and first time Black Friday has really caused a big leap.

    I didn’t make any offers. Unlike some big retailers, I made the judgement that I couldn’t handle the bigger volume and it wasn’t responsible therefore to chase even more, because it would damage my commitments to my customers. But then maybe I’ll never make my fortune!

    Incidentally Click and Collect which initially was 5-10% of sales has now dropped off and less than 2% of sales over weekend requested it.

  5. I do however have some offers going on lightning deals tomorrow through Thursday so will be interesting to see how they go.

  6. I did not expect to sell anything on ebay and they did not disappoint me I sold nothing .

    TRS -Free Postage- Free Returns -First Class Postage – Next Day Delivery – Same Day Dispatch – C&C . 100% Feedback ..
    I also have
    The Right Goods at the Right Price at The Right Time .
    Buyers on ebay apparently don’t buy from sellers like me anymore .

  7. We almost quadrupled our revenue on Black Friday.
    We sold almost 1500 units in One Day.

    Strong sales overall during the weekend.

  8. like a funeral parlour for us; but browsing Amazon was interesting, Prime customers had a 30 minute window to grab the bargains ahead of the general public. Not a prime subscriber, I was given the message ‘you can buy this in .. with a countdown timer. Great stuff , rather reminded me of the excitement of ebay auctions in the early days – . So I purchased a black friday deal , saving 30%, and you get 15 minutes to pay or lose it. That was pretty cool too, adding to the immediacy of the event. Amazon do so have it worked out.
    Opting for economy free delivery , estimate at tues- thurs, the item arrived yesterday – yes Sunday.

  9. Amazoning week for us last week. Friday ( & .com) sales up greatly giving us our best UK week to date. 1 Vendor deal wasn’t displaying correctly giving a very poor 3% claimed.3 more live today hoping for at least 50% claim conversion on those.
    I grabbed some great lightning deals for myself although I did quickly check the ACTUAL RRP price before checking out each deal.

    Great week. Lets see how ‘Cyber Monday’ compares to Friday!



    9 minutes latter……..


    Good sale man!

  11. We pushed out our Black Friday event across our own site, Amazon & EBay. Whilst our own site broke it’s daily record due to our customer database and email marketing, I have to say Amazon shocked us. We noticed a real decline in sales in the week running up to Friday – but on Friday itself the orders where high in value and regular so to us a great success. One of the great things about Amazon is that you don’t have to delivery everything within 1 or 2 days – mainly we do anyway, but you don’t have too giving some breathing space.

    As for your question about couriers – having changed to DPD only a few weeks ago they are in a different league to others. Best decision we have made.

    We don’t take part in Cyber Monday. Short sharp deals in my opinion is better than dragging it out.

  12. Our website and Amazon sales were rapid and pleasing.

    On the other hand the only eBay action we got were two “where’s my item?” Messages that both, after some considerable effort, were found to have been signed for by family members. Amazing what DPD can prove now.

    And I think that just about sums it up….

  13. Amazon has been insane for us and it is showing no signs of slowing down, it’s relentless. eBay has been up on last year but you wouldn’t have thought it was Black Friday weekend at all, pretty disappointing. We’ve actually had to close eBay due to trying to cope with demand on Amazon and Etsy. Didn’t do any offers either, just mop up traffic so we’re delighted.

  14. Interesting what Jonah and Claire say about Ebay. I do think Ebay customers complain more than those on Amazon, but maybe that is because Ebay encourage it. A year ago if I was asked I would have said I prefer Ebay to Amazon as a seller – but now it is completely the other way.


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