City Link goes into administration

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According to news from Ernst & Young, parcel delivery firm City Link has gone into administration.

Apparently operations will be suspended between now and the 29th and it’s reported that no redundancies are imminent amongst the 2727 people who work for the firm.

At time of writing, there is no alert or news on the City Link website.

We will report more as we get it.

23 Responses

  1. Very sad for all involved. At least they will have fulfilled their Christmas deliveries and well done to them for that.

    At a time when on-line sales continue to grow this must mean that CL failed to keep up either at the technology level or at the price (which may also be down to the technology).

    Who knows how the parcel delivery business will shape going forward? Interestingly the Doddle shop on Norwich Station that was readied in November has not opened. Second thoughts?

  2. Just rooting around for more details and will write some things up but obviously CL has been struggling for some time.

    I really feel for the people who have been affected. Awful news on Christmas day for staff.

  3. We have about 25 parcels in their network currently (Christmas Eve collections, missed deliveries and in transit to InPost UK lockers)

    Such as shame for the staff workforce. Our driver is great and personally never had any issues with them.

    Will be interesting to see what elements get bought by others.

    Potential for Amazon Logistics to literally gain national coverage overnight for example

  4. I wonder if the demise of Citylink is due to the rise of the low-cost budget couriers who make use of local “independent” subcontractors to deliver the parcels at a low wage.

    Being unionised their staff are probably paid more than their competitors resulting in their business being less competitive. The race to the bottom amongst the courier pricing was probably the last straw for them.

  5. Writing on the wall for others.?
    Some delivery companies seem to forget they get paid to DELIVER

  6. Contrary to the OP, Reuters think there will be redundancies:

    This is always what happens at this time of year. There is always a news item about redundancies just after Christmas; there has been every year for as long as I can remember and I’m 52! I don’t know why the media love the Christmas redundancy stories but they really really do. Like the stories about exams getting too easy, every year after the results are announced. It’s part of the annual news cycle I think.

  7. Surely what has happened to City Link is what happens everywhere. The weakest go to the Wall. The Strong and well run and well financed survive. Most of the Postings blame the Drivers. But in my experience where there is weak and sloppy Management who are incapable of running a business then there will be employees taking advantage.

    Obviously we all saw the dishonest Drivers and Uncaring Attitude. But the chances are the rot, as in a fish, started at the head(the Management) and spread through the body of the business.


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