10k sign petition in protest at eBay sales of Charlie Hebdo

An online petition has called on eBay, Amazon and Priceminister to stop selling copies of the Charlie Hebdo “survivors’ edition magazine on their marketplaces for big prices.

The petition called “Retirez les ventes de “Charlie Hebdo” à prix exorbitants sur vos sites” (Stop the sale of Charlie Hebdo at exorbitant prices on your sites), was started in France.

One question springs to mind. What is an exorbitant price? Above face value? More than that? We just don’t know.

And if you look on eBay UK you’ll get an idea that a few days on, the prices are much diminished. Last week there were some silly amounts being asked but not so much now.

And eBay have been clear. They will be permitting the sale of such magazines on their marketplaces in the UK and France and around the world.

They say: “eBay would like to offer its deepest condolences to the people of France at this time. eBay is an open market place that does not impose restrictions around the price of items for sale, but reserves the right to remove from its site any listing that is against the principles and values of eBay’s community. eBay’s teams will continue to monitor for any listings related to this tragedy to ensure they comply with our policies.”

Needless to say, we at Tamebay think there are other problems to worry about. We sympathise with the friends and family of those who were murdered at the Charlie Hebdo offices and beyond the week before last. But the issue in play is surely freedom of speech and how vital that is in a liberal western context.

So we say remember Raid Badawi. He’s blogger in Saudi Arabia who has been sentenced to 1000 lashes because he has called for things we in the West take for granted. If you write anywhere, comment on this blog or just speak out loud down the pub you are exercising the rights for which he will be punished.

We are going to keep mentioning Raif Badawi here on Tamebay.

Find out more at Amnesty.

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Anecdotal, but a friend's son is in a class with a boy who lost his father at Charlie Hebdo. Another friend was working nearby and could hear the gunfire. I don't think many would argue against the atrocious nature of the attacks, nor for the right of anybody to express themselves, however it's hard to ignore that eBay would never allow these comics to go for sale under normal circumstances. There seems to be a lot of hypocrisy presenting itself in the wake of what's happened. As to the profiteering, how do we know the proceeds aren't being put to good causes? The comics are viewable as free PDF's online to anybody who wants to read them, and what interest would people have had if the terrorists hadn't struck? How many people had even known of Charlie Hebdo outside of France, so why the desperation to obtain a copy? It is terrible what is happening to Raid Badawi. Saudi Arabia - one of the greatest human rights abusers, but supported by the West for economic reasons. I hope the pressure continues until the charges are dropped.

Gareth • 20th January 2015 •

Right on! Raid Badawi is something terrible but sadly the West is in bed with that country so won't rock the boat. Please do sign the Amnesty petition on their site. Charlie Hebdo? France? I'm all for freedom of speach but all freedoms come with responsibility and winding up the Muslim community (France has the largest in Europe) is incredibly stupid and it is nieave to assume that there will not be strong objections or even violent reprisals. IMO: Following this atrocity it would have been wise for Charlie Hebdo to either tone it down or even close down. But that would be perceived as letting the terrorists win. Clearly they had to publish something but what they did was very inflamatory and raised the bar. Interesting case to note is the Danish magazine that made fun of the Prophet a few years ago and got fire bombed. They realised they had crossed a line and promptly made an apology. It is still publishing but doubtless with a far greater degree of editorial control, responsibility, and consideration. Charlie Hebdo IMO has displayed a remarkable degree of arrogance and I expect the ramifications are only beginning and will be far reaching. If you stoke the embers you can expect flames. Now we have an inferno. All in all very stupid. eBay selling? Who cares. I saw one auction finish at many hundreds of pounds (I think is was something like £700!!). A fool and their money.... Long live The Revolution!! :)

Steve • 21st January 2015 •

What is deemed acceptable? and by whom? some posts and threads are not allowed ,or deleted, some contributors sanctioned or blocked even on this blog

tinker • 20th January 2015 •

Ebay should not get involved in items that are perfectly legal to sell.

john • 21st January 2015 •

i read somewhere that the average - before the world knew the hebdo name sadly, readership in the uk was less than a thousand. ebay shouldnt get involved, its perfectly right to sell it. the issues pre tragedy were fine to sell, and did so, and some other special editions went for good money, before the attack. although if i had a copy id sell it, but feel the need to donate some of it to somewhere applicable. same as i do whenever i come across any richard burns or colin mcrae items, i donate to their relevant charitable foundations. (i specialise in motoring / racing items). and i always set up a couple of auctions when its comic relief / children in need time too.

Dan • 21st January 2015 •

"although if i had a copy id sell it, but feel the need to donate some of it to somewhere applicable." so its ok just because you pay conscience money!

tinker • 21st January 2015 •

Seems a bit ironic that people are wanting to ban the eBay sale of an issue published in support of freedom of speech.

JohnC • 21st January 2015 •

LOL since when have ebay worried about free speech?The complete inability of sellers to leave truthful feedback is a cornerstone of their business

Jonah • 22nd January 2015 •

not at all, but its better than someone keeping all 100%. and as someone has already said, a fool and their money etc. each to their own.

Dan • 22nd January 2015 •

Too right a fool and their money are soon parted Why donate anything?

Tinker • 23rd January 2015 •

I think selling the magazine is ok no matter what the buyer wants to pay for it. It is a legitimate collectable item. What I do disagree with is people making money off the back of it by selling unofficial t-shirts, mugs, fridge magnets and other tat with no profit going to anyone involved in the tragic events. That is just making off someone else's misery IMO. However, eBay should not get involved yet but I did read that the graphic designer that made the now famous Je Suis Charlie logo is registering the design to stop this kind of trade. Then eBay should step in with VeRO. The top selling item at the moment gives a 10% donation to some animal charity. I think the donation is only a way to help clear the conscience of the seller as it sure is not related to the attack. https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p4684.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.H0.Xje+suis+charlie&_nkw=je+suis+charlie&_sacat=0

Nick T • 23rd January 2015 •