76% of customers would pay more for better customer service

This cute infographic from bqool examines customer service and what it might be worth to your company.

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This is a USA survey. Big problem is it may influence the ebay UK hoop generating team.

Gary • 9th February 2015 •

I think there's a big difference in "76% of customers WOULD pay more for better customer service" and "76% of customers SAY THEY WOULD pay more for better customer service". When it comes down to the crunch most people just choose the cheapest option!

Danny • 9th February 2015 •

yup, its amazing how many people will take stuff like this at face value. "76% of people say they would pay more for better service. when presented with a choice, 100% of people bought the cheapest option without even asking about service."

james • 9th February 2015 •

The quality of the answers generated by such surveys often depends on the quality of the question asked in the first place. I would expect that if the right question had been asked the answer would be that 100% say that with the huge fees that we pay already there really is no excuse for the garbage CS that we suffer from now.

Chris T • 9th February 2015 •

You are spot on Danny boy. There are many large companies out there now that provide excellent service yet people will always go for the cheapest option.

elvis • 9th February 2015 •

How many of my buyers have paid more for a faster delivery service? Answer 0.2% or 1 in 500. On the return process stat they claim "95% of customers". What proportion of customers actually made a return? In my case it is 1 in 250 so the sample would be so small as to make the stat meaningless. But of course by headlining "95% of customers" you read it as "95% of all customers". Lies, damn lies, and statistics.

Gary • 9th February 2015 •