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It looks like eBay Customer Support provision is undergoing changes. As we noted last week, some sellers have lost helpful account managers that have been invaluable in the past. eBay Inc. have previously announced a staff cut of 7% this year.

In response to that article from last week, eBay have been in touch and provided this statement, which we publish verbatim:

“eBay partners with sellers of all sizes including many large high street brands as well as smaller sellers. eBay offers a range of different account support arrangements for sellers depending on their needs and these arrangements are reviewed regularly.

While some sellers will continue to receive account management, as of 1st April, more sellers will move to receiving support from the eBay Customer Experience team, which is available seven days a week to support on topics such as feedback queries, general business development and technical issues.

We will be communicating individually with sellers via phone and email from next week, so all our customers will understand if and how they are affected.”

So, it sounds that soon you’ll be hearing more from eBay about support provision. Please do let us know what you hear so we can piece together the bigger picture.

We don’t know to what extent eBay is cutting staff numbers in the various support teams. But suffice to say, sadly, this still looks like a cost-saving exercise from eBay in advance of the eBay/PayPal split.

16 Responses

  1. That reads to me that a larger majority will get the poor service rather than the smaller majority who got it before.

  2. Under most listings , the list of items truly up for auction is swamped by
    “Buy it now” goods. These are not auctions. They are businesses using ebay as their shop window. Spoils it for us genuine users of your original character.
    This is the first time I have my a comment on ebay.

  3. Can’t wait to have a call from Ebay telling me all their technical problems can be solved, simply by emptying my browser cache.

  4. ” eBay Customer Experience team”

    hahahaha this is just another name for the terrible customer service team. There is nothing different, it the exact same people offering the same customer service standards. They’ve renamed to make it sound better.

  5. Has anybody else noticed the change to the help and contact page? You now have to work your way through a labyrinth of buttons and questions to get absolutely nowhere.

  6. 28 minutes to get through this morning and no Irish accent. Absolutely terrible service this morning. They really struggled to understand me.

  7. I am proper Cornish and well spoken English folk struggle to understand me on the phone sometimes.

  8. Range CS, absolutely terrible. It gave me numbered options which is very annoying considering you have to enter the OTP and you obtain the relevant number for the right department so it can route you to the appropriate department, but no!…They seems to have gone back 10 years

  9. I’m only a small fish in feebay selling terms. But my recent bad experience with trying to get them to revise a totally unfair and unreasonable negative feedback has left me with no choice. I will not be taken for a ride by this sham of a company any longer.
    In my 2 years on ebay I managed to provide excellent customer service, as proven by my fb track record, only 1 neutral and zero negatives (just under 1000 fbs in that time). But ebay can’t manage anything other than standard bs responses which just adds to the frustration, if only they treated us the way they want us to treat our buyers?!
    Ebay will not get another penny from me, EVER.

  10. Okay this is my first time and my highest bidder has what yall consider a great rating however I am so confused about this policy and trying to understand how this relates to me and my item and should I feel comfortable sending it before receiving a payment? I have given much descriptive detail of the condition at a fair price. I too do not want to be swindled and would like piece of mind because my clock is about out on the auction.


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