Flubit ‘Instant Offer’ to beat Amazon prices

Flubit have added a new ‘Instant Offer’ feature to their website to save you money when buying on Amazon.

Initially Flubit would allow you to create a ‘Demand’, which would get you an offer price up to 15% less than the current product cost on Amazon. Now if you’re in a hurry you can create an ‘Instant Offer’ which will create you a private offer within 30 seconds, a little bit cheaper than the price you found on Amazon.

As with Demands, Instant Offer on Flubit is free to use and enables you to receive immediate discounts on pretty much any product they want, at any time of the day or night.

Flubit CEO & Co Founder Bertie Stephens explained: “There’s no obligation to buy on Flubit, Instant Offer is for those customers who want an immediate discount on a product they were going to buy. If they like what they see they can place the order straight away or place a Demand and we can create them an even better offer!

Next time you’re about to buy a product on Amazon, click over to Flubit and see if they can save you some money.

If you’d like to sell on Flubit or learn more, register your interest at weflubit.com.

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I was interested with the proposition, and will likely user it for any big purchases in the future to see if i can save money. I noticed with the first product i tried however, it doesn't take in to account the product linked is lower than RRP For example used an Amazon URL for instant offer, the RRP is £360.69 but was selling for 338.89 new. Flubit offered me a "lower" price of 357.60

Sam • 4th March 2015 •

Sam - I've used it a few times and it does seem to always take the lower price on the listing page, however from what i understand it ignores prices from sellers outside UK and/or if they are new (I think) - so that may have happened here. I'll probably use Instant Offers for books etc and then standard demands ones for the rest as they are bigger discounts. It's cool tho.

Tony • 4th March 2015 •

Ah, so it does - cheers!

Sam • 5th March 2015 •