Free FX consultancy at Internet Retailing Expo

Are you going to Internet Retailing Expo on the 25th – 26th March? If so it’s time to start planning which conference talks, workshops, clinics and exhibitors you want to see. It’s not always about spending cash to grow your business either, there are some services which will save you money and one of those is foreign exchange.

Foreign exchange might be something you’ve never thought about before but companies such as Currencies Direct can save you money on your Amazon EU sales. Basically they enable you to sell in Euros, withdraw your cash to a Euro bank account which they’ll provide for you and then give you an exchange rate around 2% more competitive than if you simply let Amazon exchange your Euro payments back into Sterling.

If you’d like to find out more about making an extra 2% extra margin on all your EU sales or have other foreign exchange questions, you can book a one on one 30 minutes consultancy with a foreign exchange expert whilst you’re at the Internet Retailing Expo.

The 30 minutes consultancy is totally free with no obligation. If you’re selling on Amazon’s EU website or ready to start selling overseas book yourself a free session before all the slots are taken.

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