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CampaignGoCampaignGo have just launched with three new tools for eBay sellers.

After almost a decade of being power sellers on eBay with two stores, CampaignGo’s professional team, sellers and developers have developed a set of automated sales tools and made them available to support online sellers with their sales campaigns.

Markdown Guru

Markdown Guru was developed from a real need, today it is almost impossible for you to markdown your stock in a matter of minutes. It is a long and tiring process, CampaignGo’s Markdown Guru offers:

  • Smart and advanced filters to sort out store items and locate the right items for sale – for example: get rid of your dead stock in no time, new items on sale etc
  • User friendly platform to set up sales
  • Clear dashboard to get an overview of your stores activity

Best Offer Advisor

Best Offer Advisor updates you each time you receive an offer with all the necessary data needed to make a smart decision – whether to accept reject or send a counter offer. Information includes: price, quantity, free shipping alert, number of items in stock, number of items already sold, price they were sold, date listed, returning customer and more – All the required and relevant data in one place with no need to go back and forth searching.

Sales Reports

Using Markdown Guru and Best Offer Advisor should affect your sales. To best see the results, CampaignGo have developed CampaignGo Sales Reports. This tool show you how your sales campaigns and events did, and how they contributed to your total revenues. The reports will show you:

  • An online and updated view of your sales performance.
  • Delivers specific data regarding your sales events and sales items. You can see how many items were sold on sale and for how much
  • Overtime performance: compare to your monthly sales revenues and quantity

This tool was also developed from our CampaignGo’s personal need to see how their sale events did after using the Markdown Guru and Best Offer Advisor.


Pricing starts at $19 per month and there’s also a 60 day free trial so that you can test the service before buying. It’s always hard for us at Tamebay to offer advice on how good tools and service are and if they’re suitable for you. However in this case CampaignGo have made our advice very simple:

Try CampaignGo and check the sales reports once you’ve been running Markdown Guru and Best Offer Advisor for a few weeks. If you’re not making more additional profit than before you started using the tools then cancel. If it’s making you more additional profit then the cost of the monthly fee then keep your subscription for CampaignGo on an ongoing basis.

4 Responses

  1. It’s a great question. Why are we forced to use third party tools to bring our listings up to modern e commerce standards with features such as listing templates and cross selling graphic bars etc.

  2. Hi Andy, I work with the CampaignGo team, I would like to invite you to try them out – 60 days FREE trial with no commitment and no credit card. Your feedback would be great and if it does not work for you, well, no harm done. thanks


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