eBay auto-relist fee change for Private Sellers

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eBay Invoice smeBay are to change , this change only affects private sellers.

Currently on eBay, the auto-relist feature is selected by default and, if it fails to sell first time around, your item will be automatically relisted another two times at no further charge.

This will change for items relisted after the 17th of August and fees will be charged for relisted items. eBay will also change the default from auto-relist to don’t auto-relist when you launch your item for the first time – you’ll have to manually select the auto-relist option to incur additional fees.

The real impact of this is zero if you only run a few (up to 20 including relists) listings each month. However if your listing count including relists exceeds 20 then you’ll start paying 35p per listing regardless whether it’s a new listing or a relist (auto or manual).

The other big change to note only applies if you use listing enhancements – additional features (e.g. SubTitle) which incur additional fees. From the 17th August when an item auto-relists you’ll incur listing enhancement fees again and they’ll be recharged each time an item relists.

Don’t forget as a private seller you can increase you number of free listings from 20 to 100 by subscribing to a Basic eBay Shop. The cost is £19.99 per month but it also reduces your final value fee from 10% to 8%.

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  1. Talking about Free Listing Days or Weekends. I have noted an odd situation this week.

    I go on ebay daily to check if anything has sold and as I work out of my spare bedroom it only means that I walk a few yards.

    On the Tuesday 21st July I noticed for the first time a Free Listing that according to the notice on ebay had been running for a few days and was due to end on the 21st. So I tried to log onto it to be told that the offer had closed. So I swore to myself as I have a few relists that I wanted to put back on.

    Then the next day Wednesday 22nd I saw a completely fresh Free Listing Offer which I immediately took advantage of.

    Did anybody else notice a Free Listing Offer that they could not log onto followed the very next day by a new Free Listing Offer that they could log onto. I can only think that for some reason ebay cocked up the first Free Listing Offer and decided to kill it and correctly operate and advertise it the next day. Anyway if you want a Free Listing Few Days there is one on at present so looklfor it, log onto it and Sell Sell Sell(as ebay is always telling us).


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